Working with both energies at the same time

I’m often asked if you can work with sexual energy and tension energy at the same time.

The answer is not so simple.

You already have both energies running inside of you – as well as many more. They are in their natural habitat. Each time you use your Will you activate tension energy; and each time you are sexually aroused you activate sexual energy.

This is an over-simplified way of looking at it, but it works for the sake of this explanation.

The problem is mostly at the mid-levels of the training. In the early stages, everything is new and you are discovering that energy flows inside of you and that you can feel it. You get acquainted with one and then the other, and all is good.

But at mid-levels of the training you already experienced training with both, you’ve already felt their effects and you wonder if you can keep working with both and develop them further.

You can certainly work with both as they are both inside of you.

But they don’t work both for the same things.

When you are very active with sexual energy, tension energy doesn’t activate easily. And vice-versa.

Let’s say you have just done a deep meditation with sexual energy and connected nicely with it. You’re booming with sexuality and its projecting quite well to outside of you.

Now it’s NOT the time to do a willful activity where you need to activate a strong will power.

It’s a much better time to go on a date, or have a pleasant interaction with someone or simply enjoy sharing the sexual energy with those around you.

They are different types of energy.

And they are complementary for your life as there are times to use both of them. You just need to know them, know their strengths and weaknesses so that you can use the best of the energies in the right moment.

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