Working with the energy – from the ground up

An important aspect of the way we do energy training in Charisma School is the connection to the body.

We don’t do anything unless it’s felt by the body.

In fact, we always start by feeling your body and work from the energy only after you to feel (and know!) your body.

We start from the ground up, instead of the other way around.

This may seem useless. It may seem unnecessary or dismissible. But it’s actually a crucial foundation.

As you keep the connection to your body, you won’t be dreaming away. At least, if you are really connected to the body, you stay grounded.

That’s the main purpose.

If you ever done any new-age type of energy work, you understand that it’s very easy to daydream away. It’s easy to start visualizing, imagining and end up lost in your own mind and your own unconscious.

This hinders your energy work. You don’t really know what you are doing. Are you working with your energy or are you playing around in your unconscious?

When you start with your body, you stay grounded. You know there’s some bodily feeling associated with it. There’s still the danger of being too faint and it ends up being only your imagination at work.

But, when done right, with concrete bodily feelings, this danger is heavily reduced.

And after a while, your energy feelings are undeniable.

There’s a reason of why (traditionally) yoga starts with the body (asanas) and only later do you work with pranayama and meditation. You get yourself grounded first. You work with the energy coupled with the body; then you work with energy coupled with breath and, only then, do you work with the energy alone.

It goes from the gross to the subtle. From the most dense to the less dense.

Can you do it the other way around?

Sure you can. But it’s a lot harder and you run a lot more risks. You start with the subtle with no concrete grounding in actual bodily experience. Yet, with direct supervision I’m sure it can be done.

Only that was not my own experience and it’s not what I teach. I prefer to do it the traditional way. As the older traditions do: start with the body – from the most dense -, moving up slowly – to the less dense.

This grounded approach keeps you from fooling yourself. It allows you to work concretely with your energy and gives you the best results on the long run.

You end up with a strong energetic feeling, as opposed to being a faint feeling that you don’t really know what it is.

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