Working with your body

Once you become aware of your energy dynamics, you’ll find an essential key in whatever you do.

It’s a lot easier to work with your body than against it.

You could eat a big meal before a workout, still push hard, and have a good workout. But isn’t it easier to eat a lighter one – or a proper meal for the effort that you are about to make?

Naturally yes.

Yet, we insist on working against our bodies in many different situations. Or worse, we don’t even know what’s making our body – or mind – in a certain way.

There’s ongoing awareness training about how our body reacts to certain situations: food, drinks, physical activity, sleep, etc.

Everything that can affect your body should be observed.

If you’re unaware that pasta and bread are making you sleepy, you’ll eat them even when you need to be awake. While if you are aware of this reaction, you may decide whether you want to eat it or not based on the situation you find yourself in.

It won’t be a big deal to eat a big bowl of pasta on a weekend when you plan to enjoy a relaxing time at home. But doing so won’t be a great idea when you have an important meeting after lunch.

I know it seems an obvious example, but our lives are filled with things we do working against our body that we are unaware of – just like the one above.

Sometimes, simple food can tremendously impact your mental state, yet you may not know it. Or a physical training regime can be particularly good for your concentration. Still, you don’t know what causes that great concentration because you’re unaware.

Maybe you only have a general idea of “today I feel good” or “today I feel bad.” But we can go a lot deeper than this. We analyze and discover these aspects in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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