Workings of Energy in a group

Here’s an interesting question of a student:

“Why do we feel drained in the presence of a depressed person?”

Although, most likely, we’ve all experienced being drained by a negative individual one way or another, the explanation why is not immediately obvious.

(If you haven’t yet experienced it, consider if YOU are the negative individual)

We all have our own personal energy that has a power and a quality.

The power is its strength. How strong is your energy.

The quality is its character and nature. It can be sexual, spiritual, authority, etc.

In a group situation, there’s a complex mixing of all the energies in the group. When you are not aware of the energy in your body (and outside) a similar situation to osmosis happen.

In case you don’t remember your high school biology classes, osmosis is the “tendency of a fluid, usually water, to pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution where the solvent concentration is higher, thus equalizing the concentrations of materials on either side of the membrane.”

In other words, your energy will be pulled to the strongest – most powerful – energy. If you are the strongest energy in the room, then everyone else’s energy will be pulled towards you.

The problem is that the strongest energy in the room is not necessarily filled of good will and positivity.

If the strongest energy in the room is one of negativity or deceit, you will feel drained afterward.

Now, this all happens unconsciously for most people. They have no idea what’s happening during the meeting. Only later they will feel worse. Maybe with a headache, or in need of sleep, or in a mood, or simply bad.

BUT… for those of us who are energetically aware, this is something that is completely preventable.

You can stop the “osmosis” of energy before it happens. Once you become aware of your energy being drained, it’s not so hard to encapsulate yourself and prevent it from happening.

Think about it like creating a bubble around yourself to prevent energies from going in and out.

It’s not the only solution, but it will work to prevent negative feelings afterward.

In case the strongest energy is one of positivity – as you’ll feel with many spiritual masters – you won’t need (or want) to block this “energy transaction” of happening since the energy will flow back to you and you end up feeling better than before.

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