You are already Magnetic

Personal Magnetism is not something you develop. Is something you allow to shine through you.Most of the exercises you learn in Charisma School are NOT exercises which develop personal magnetism. Instead, they are exercises that UNLOCK your energy.

In fact, personal Magnetism is what’s left after the bad habits of mind, body and energy are removed.

When the anxieties, thinking habits, conditionings, body habits, energy blocks are removed. Then it will shine through you.

It’s not something you develop per se… it’s already there. You just have to unlock it. Your natural state is magnetic. But during the life you unconsciously create blocks. Blocks in your mind, body and energy.

In several mystical traditions you aim to find the natural state of the mind. Just like in Yoga or Buddhism. The natural state is already there, you just need to pierce through layers and layers of past conditionings.

Examples of blocks are:

– How your sexual energy can’t circulate freely inside of you;

– The way your mind creates fear and anxiety;

– How the body creates unnatural physical tensions that are responsible by many pains and illnesses;

– Creating bad mental habits that generate procrastination and distraction;

– How the energy is unconsciously stopped from being projected to the outside;

And so on…

All these are blocks that you may have right now that are not allowing personal magnetism to shine through you.

Start your personal magnetism training and remove these blocks with the:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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