You are always projecting magnetism

Whether we want to or not, we’re always projecting magnetism… It’s part of being human to irradiate magnetic waves to your surroundings.

And we’re not the only ones. Everything around us emanates magnetism—animals, plants, minerals, sculptures, jewelery, forms and shapes of some kind. Everything emanates a particular type of energy.

Of course, the energy of a dog is entirely different from quartz.

But still, they project energy, just like us. They coexist with us in a universal magnetism.

The difference is that we can control our magnetism – if we know how.

There’s an unconscious control and a conscious control.

The unconscious control is like all the other living beings. If we are scared, we contract our magnetism – we try to be as small as we can not to attract attention. If we are secure, our magnetism is expanded.

We do this the same way an animal does. It’s unconscious and part of our legacy.

The conscious control, however, it’s quite different. Only we can do it, and we must learn how.

Animals can’t consciously control their magnetism. They are simply reacting to what happens. The same way we often do.

But fortunately, we don’t have to give our power away like that. We can also learn how to control our magnetism to avoid merely reacting to the circumstances and instead have the magnetism we want in a particular situation.

That’s what we focus in Charisma School. Not just in feeling magnetism but also in controlling it.

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