You are always projecting

Most people undervalue the role of their whole communication.

You are communicating all the time in an interaction, not just when you speak.

The way you say something, or the way you carry yourself, or your whole energy give out information about who you are.

In fact, people will make up their minds about you in the first few seconds they meet you. They will unconsciously assess: is he/she a threat? is he/she a potential mate?; is he/she dominant or submissive?

And so on.

All this is analyzed – unconsciously – in the first few seconds of meeting someone. No one is aware that they are doing this, but they are.

Thus, it’s important that you know well your own projection. The easiest way to do it is by studying people’s reactions towards you. Particularly those you’ve just met.

Do they constantly try to push you around?

Do they fear you?

Are they attracted to you?

Do they give you their attention and want to hear you speak?

Do you automatically command respect?

Notice what happens with your new acquaintances. This is the best way to know what your magnetism is and what you are projecting.

Once you know, then either you are happy with it and you want to keep projecting what you are projecting since it’s bringing you the results you are seeking… OR… you are not, and you know what you need to change.

Either way, it’s important that you know well what you are projecting so you also know what to expect and what to train.

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