You are constantly giving others your impressions

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Did you ever stop long enough to think that we are constantly giving other people suggestive impressions of ourselves and qualities?

Do you not know that, if you go about with the Mental Attitude of Discouragement, Fear, Lack of Self-Confidence, and all the other Negative qualities of mind, other people are sure to catch the impression and govern themselves toward you accordingly?

Let a man come into your presence for the purpose of doing business with you and if he lack self-confidence in himself and the things he wishes to sell you, you will at once catch his spirit and will feel that you have no confidence in him or the things he is offering. You will catch his mental atmosphere at once, and he will suffer thereby.

But let this same man fill himself up with thoughts, feelings, and ideals of Enthusiasm, Success, Self-Confidence, Confidence in his proposition, etc., and he will fairly radiate success toward you, and you will unconsciously “take stock” in him and interest in his goods, and the chances are that you will be willing and glad to do business with him.

Do you not know men who radiate Failure, Discouragement and “I Can’t”? Are you not affected by their manifested Mental Attitude to their hurt?

And, on the other hand, do you not know men who are so filled with Confidence, Courage, Enthusiasm, Fearlessness, and Energy, that the moment you come into their presence, or they into yours, you at once catch their spirit, and respond thereto? I contend that there is an actual atmosphere surrounding each of these men—which if you are sensitive enough you can feel—one of repulsion, and the other of attraction. And further, that these atmospheres are the result of the constant daily thought of these men or the Mental Attitude of each toward life. Think over this a bit, and you will see at once just how the LAW works.”

It’s interesting the choice of words Atkinson uses here: “catch his spirit”. That’s indeed what happen when we feel someone else’s magnetism. We are feeling that person spirit.

Those words were not chosen at random.

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