You are not in control

In our last email, we spoke about how everything is connected. How your mind, energy and body are all interconnected, influencing everything.

This is not just a fun theory with no practical application.

Sometimes your thoughts don’t give you many clues, but once you know what your energy is doing in certain situations, you can understand a lot.

For instance, you may do a lot of exercises to expand your sexual magnetism at home but then wonder why you’re not getting any results when interacting with others.

If you develop your awareness, you’ll start to notice (for example) how your energy expands when you’re at home but contracts when you’re outside.

Yet, your thoughts may be of sexual magnetism and attraction. Maybe you’re even trying to influence your energy with them. But somehow, it isn’t working.

Your energy has a stronger flow than your thoughts at that moment. Hence, your energy controls your magnetism, not your thoughts – at least at that moment.

So you would need to work specifically on your energy to flow in different ways.

The same thing can happen in an infinite number of situations.

Your thoughts do not always control everything (sometimes yes, other times no). Your energy also has an important role; if you don’t understand it, you are missing out on a powerful way to change your life.

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