You are what you repeatedly do

An important principle of personal magnetism is that your behaviors define who you are, as well as, your level of magnetism and inner power.

This is related to ALL behaviors, not just when you’re self-aware or in important situations. I’m sure you can maintain a great posture and aura of magnetism when you have that important meeting.

But that’s not our goal.

Our goal is to maintain that aura of magnetism 24h a day. To be magnetic even when you are home alone. This way you don’t need much “preparation” for a big meeting or a big speech.

Magnetism is a state of mind (and energy). It should be running constantly inside of you.

And that’s why all your behaviors and actions matter.

How you behave with the waiter that served your meal today. Or with the person who you’ve sent an email that is on the other side of the globe. Or with your next door neighbor.

All these define you and your magnetism.

This matters not just in relationships but also in how you behaved with yourself:

How did you behaved when you didn’t felt like doing that chore you had to do in the morning? Or when you failed in an objective you had proposed yourself to accomplish. Or when you were having that bad day.

These are only a few examples among dozens of situations.

Personal magnetism and energy are all about the actions (or non-actions) you take during your life. It’s not just about using some weird energy techniques or doing a few exercises.

No, it’s about all your life. From when you wake up until you go to sleep and all the conscious or unconscious decisions you take on the meantime.

Personal magnetism is not an on and off switch you can turn on and turn off as you please. It’s a consequence of your actions, thoughts and energy.

If you just continue to act the same way you always did, then you’ll keep getting the same results and nothing will change.

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