You can become a victim

Neville Goddard said:

“If you know who you are and how imagination operates, you will learn to control your imaginal activities. If you do not, they will be controlled for you by another, and you will become their victim.”

Although he uses the terminology related to imagination, we can say the same about attention and/or magnetism.

You can control your life by being aware of your thoughts, energy, and where you place your attention.

Someone else can control your life when you’re not aware of them.

It’s easy to understand. You are constantly being bombarded by pleads for your attention. TV shows, movies, apps, social media, etc… everything is trying to capture your attention and replace your world view with their world view.

They are creating thoughts in your mind and projecting their energy—all the time.

While centuries ago you would only have to concern yourself with the people surrounding you, now there’s a giant marketing machine everywhere you go. You could be alone and still be influenced; after all, most people spend 4 to 5 hours a day on their cell phones consuming social media.

During those hours, you are entirely in a passive state of mind. You are absorbing everything without a filter.

And worse, the more you spend on that state, the more you train your mind to be on that state – even when you’re outside social media. Hence, the easier it is to be influenced by those around you.

Control of your attention, energy and magnetism is of crucial importance, even if only not to be controlled by someone else.

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