You can change as well

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“In the first place Mental Attitude tends towards success by its power in the direction of “making us over” into individuals possessing qualities conducive to success.

Many people go through the world bemoaning their lack of the faculties, qualities or temperament that they instinctively recognize are active factors in the attainment of success. They see others possessing these desirable qualities moving steadily forward to their goal, and they also feel if they themselves were but possessed of these same qualities they, too, might attain the same desirable results.

Now, so far, their reasoning is all right—but they do not go far enough.

They fail here because they imagine that since they have not the desired qualities at the moment, they can never expect to possess them. They regard their minds as something that once fixed and built can never be improved upon, repaired, rebuilt, or enlarged. Right here is where the majority of people “fall down,” to use the expressive although slangy words of the day.

As a matter of fact, the great scientific authorities of the present time distinctly teach that a man by diligent care and practice, may completely change his character, temperament, and habits.

He may kill out undesirable traits of character, and replace them by new and desirable traits, qualities and faculties. The brain is now known to be but the instrument and tool of something called Mind, which uses the brain as its instrument of expression.”

Whether you believe the “great scientific authorities” of the beginning of the XX century or not, it’s not an issue. By now everyone understand that we can indeed change. There’s research on neuroplasticity, on personality changes over the years and so forth.

And even if we disregard all that, I’m sure that you’ve met someone in your life that completely changed his habits, lifestyle and traits. It could be that friend that was introverted and shy in high school that is now a world traveler (yes, I have one of those!) or many other examples.

Change is possible as long as you have the Will for it.

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