You want to see it in the outside

Whatever you train, you need to see the results in your normal everyday life.

Your amount of magnetism or concentration is not seen during the exercises. You see it during your life.

It doesn’t really matter that you can effortlessly spend 30 minutes doing a concentration exercise if you can’t sit down for 30 minutes doing some project you need to do.

Or you can feel your energy projecting perfectly when you’re home alone, but nothing happens when you go out.

Your goal is not to be good at doing exercises. Your goal is to change and transform your life.

And for that, you need to understand what happens. Surely you need to do the “alone” exercises. That’s part of it and an essential part of the training.

But, if you can do them successfully, you need to understand why they are not transferring to your everyday life.

What is happening on the outside that is not happening when you are alone?

What’s the difference?

If you are feeling something when you are alone but not outside, then you need to know why. And this is all about awareness.

Awareness of mind, body, energy and emotions. What is happening on all these levels that is not happening when you’re alone? Do you have further contractions and blocks? Is your emotional state different? Is your mind different? How does your energy moves?

All these – and more – are questions to ask and for you to become aware of.

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