You won’t be loved by everyone

An important point to grasp when you start to apply magnetism in your daily life is that not everyone will like you.

You won’t please everyone, even when your magnetism is strong and good. I would even go as far to say that you won’t please everyone PARTICULARLY because your magnetism is strong.

Some people will feel threatened, others will feel intimidated, others simply won’t like your energy.

And that’s perfectly normal.

The only way to get everyone to like you is to be neutral or a wallflower. On this case, people will say: “Bill? Yeah he is cool.”

But, you are pretty much indifferent to everyone.

Not a great guy, but not a repellent one either. Just like a wallflower.

No one will look at a wallflower and think “how great is that?”, but also no one will look at it and think: “how ugly is that?”. They are simply going to look at it and ignore it on the wall.

But with magnetism, you can’t be ignored. Your energy simply becomes too strong.

And as I’ve told you before, magnetism is like a perfume. Everyone will smell it – but not everyone will like it.

So what’s the point if you won’t be loved?

That’s not exactly what I wrote. Although SOME people won’t like it, MOST people will like and be attracted to your magnetism.

In your training little by little you let go of your repelling tendencies and increase your attractive traits.

The goal is to get the majority of people attracted to your magnetism. But it won’t be 100%. And that’s something we should all live with.

Name one magnetic person and you’ll find people who won’t like him or her. That’s part of it it. Just like not everyone will like the perfume you wear regardless of how good it may be for you. You do want it to be the most appealing to the most people around you.

And that’s what you work for!

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