Your aura and your magnetism

Your thoughts and emotions create a certain energetic shell around you. This is commonly known as your aura.

In here, we call it magnetism.

The two terms are intertwined.

But I don’t want to put labels on it and bring back associations you may have from new age books.

A lot of things are said about “auras”, its colors, benefits and so on.

But it’s much more important that you understand what it is.

You can consider your aura as your own energetic quality, or the feeling that someone is projecting from himself and to others.

Your magnetism.

If you are constantly depressed and sad, then of course your magnetism won’t be very good. You won’t attract positive and happy people around you. That’s just common sense.

On this case, your aura, or the energy around you, will probably have a low and depressed tone.

If you are constantly vibrant and fully energetic, you will probably attract a lot of people to you. So your magnetism will be quite good!

And your aura will also have a very large and vibrant color.

Whether you can “see” auras or not, it’s not of big importance. Because you can much easily feel them.

Most importantly, you can easily feel its effects.

It doesn’t take much energetic awareness to differentiate a vibrant, happy person from a very depressed one.

In fact, more often than not, you can tell simply by glancing at that person. No energy awareness needed!

But not all cases are obvious like that.

Others need a deeper energetic awareness to clarify and particularly to discover the minute details all magnetism entails.

Most people are not in those two poles. From most people you don’t exactly know what you feel and you can’t quite tell.

When you train your energy awareness, of course, you are able to differentiate a lot more subtleties in the energy of others, as well as in your own energy.

You are able to discover and feel the energy qualities corresponding to different events, situations, thoughts, emotions, people and so on… on yourself and others.

In other words, a whole new way of looking at the world opens up: an energetic way!

That’s what we train in the Vitality and Energy Training! That’s the training you can do to start developing your energetic sense.

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