Your body armor

Magnetism is a type of energy that flows and circulates. It’s fluid and not rigid.

When we have rigid muscles, we block magnetism from its natural circulation. When we are rigid, it’s like we are preparing for impact.

Notice what happens in any anxious situation that you go through. Most likely, you tend to become stiff and rigid.

This is what happens in a dangerous situation. We become stiff. It’s like the muscles are creating an armor.

It’s perfectly valid for a dangerous situation. After all, we may need that extra “armor” to protect our vital organs.

But it’s not so valid in a modern-day anxious event such as public speaking, going on a date, doing a presentation, etc.

The threats to your bodily integrity are reduced so that an “armor” will not be very useful.

Let’s face it: it’s unlikely someone will physically attack you in the project meeting with your boss.

It’s not unheard of, but we can agree that it’s unlikely.

Hence physical armor is an unnecessary waste of energy.

But we still do it. It’s unconscious. It’s a normal reaction to what we consider a threat.

The most efficient method to get rid of it is by retraining your body to relax your armor.

In short, you need to make your body understand that those types of situations are not a physical threat. They may be an emotional threat, but they are not physical. Hence, you can handle them in different ways that don’t involve limiting your bodily energy flow.

When this is accomplished, your energy will be able to flow as it should, and your magnetism can finally shine!

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