Your body knows more than you

When you are attentive to the information that your body is telling you, it seems that you are opening up a superpower inside of yourself.

You can get knowledge that is far from what is being said.

But it’s no superpower. It’s merely about being aware of your body. Of course, when I’m writing about the body, I mean everything that is associated with it: body, energy, emotions, thoughts, etc.

I’ve written before about a very interesting experiment that I wholeheartedly recommend you to read.

We come to the conclusion that your body knows more than you.

It’s quite a strange statement to write.

We usually think that we are our bodies and everything is one. What’s happening inside we know it. But it’s far from the truth.

There’s a lot of information that we receive from the outside world (and inside as well!) that we aren’t considering.

You see, when you receive information from the outside it goes first through the body before it reaches your conscious brain.

And even when it reaches your conscious brain, there’s a lot of information that is ignored, that is considered as not-relevant by your conscious mind. It’s not relevant to bring to your attention.

And this is perfectly ok.

After all, it’s how we can function in society. Imagine going downtown on a busy city with your brain bringing to your attention everything that is happening.

Everyone passing by you, all the billboards, traffic, noises, etc.

You would go insane.

So your conscious mind filters this information. It ignores the non-important and focus only on the important. You would be very aware if a high-speed car was headed in your direction!

But there’s a lot of bodily information that is extremely relevant for your day to day life. For example, on that experience I’ve linked above, I’m sure the participants would be interested to know as early as possible which deck was the one losing them money.

And in the real world, I’m sure you would be very interested to know about the energy another person is projecting. Or if that person is a scoundrel or has negative intentions towards you. Or if a certain place or situation is good or bad for you. Or if that other person is attracted to you. Or knowing more intimately the energy of other.

You can figure out all this over time… you can know whether someone is trying to rob you (but maybe it will be too late), you can know whether someone is attracted to you (but maybe is after you get rejected), and so on.

Like that player in the experiment, you can understand this ahead of time, when that information is actually useful. Not after the whole event has already unfolded. This way, you get a much better decision-making ability and be able to use this “super-power” to advance much further in life!

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