Your diet and your energy. Is it really important?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“do you really need a good diet for a good quality energy? Can’t you just use your mind?”

A good diet for a good quality energy is not imperative.


It greatly aids it.

You can counterbalance the effects of a bad nutrition with your mind and Will, but it sure takes a lot more work.

First of all you already need to have a great mind control. Which is not something you can get easily and especially not without some time of training.

Then, you’ll need a good energetic awareness and control to make sure your energy still flows as it should inside of you, despite the bad/junk food effects.

And lastly, this needs to be set a permanent control, since if you’re eating badly, these negative energy flow will happen every day.

Neither of those things are easy.

It’s a lot easier to just have a proper nutrition and to become aware of how the food you are eating affects your body.

Eating foods that stimulate the energy flow as oppose to foods that stagnate or slow down your energy.

Sure you can counterbalance the negative effects… but why work against your body when you can work WITH your body?

Why complicate your life?

Sure it takes some work to fine tune your diet to optimize your energy flow, but it’s a lot more work to counterbalance the negative effects.

Not to mention the dangerous health effects you might get if you don’t do this body/mind/energy control in the right way.

For that reason, regardless of your current magnetic level, I always recommended a proper diet. The risks are not worth the benefits.

Now, another point is that what’s healthy and good for your energy flow, might not be the same that is recommended by current scientific dietary guidelines.

A perfectly harmless food for everyone else, might have negative effects for you.

No one else can tell you what is good or bad for your own body, mind and energy. You need to figure it out for your own by training your energy awareness.

We go into details on how you can do it in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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