Your diet is more than only what you eat

Nowadays, reading and talking about diets and the food you eat (or don’t eat) is widespread. You can talk to your friends about what you are eating, or someone mentions that they are doing X or Y diet, or what they are eating or not eating.

This is part of everyday life, and it’s good that people start thinking about what they place inside their bodies.

Yet, no one thinks about what they are placing inside their minds.

Your diet shouldn’t be only what you eat. It’s also what you watch, listen and read.

All this is also part of your diet and is – at least – as important as the food you are eating.

Yet, no one really talks about it, even though the wrong kind of this mental diet can be just as toxic for your body as eating fast food every day.

Spending hours daily watching random funny videos, talking trash with friends, watching reality TV, or reading toxic Reddit posts is only poisoning your mind.

As with your regular diet, there’s nothing wrong with your occasional guilty pleasure. No harm will come if you want to watch your weekly dose of Keeping up with the Kardashians or a similar reality TV show. Yet, remember that doing so every day is filling your mind with those kinds of beliefs and mindsets.

Remember that each time you passively watch something, you absorb everything directly into your mind with little filter. You may think it doesn’t affect you, but you would be wrong. It affects everyone.

It’s not an accident that TikTok in China, controlled by the government, is filled with science experiments, educational content, and interesting random information facts. While TikTok in the Western world is filled with teenagers dancing and cat videos.

Either way, I’m sure you don’t want a government – or an algorithm – deciding what enters your mind. But this requires you to actively monitor your mental diet as you may monitor your food intake instead of having someone (or something) else doing it for you.

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