Your gaze is your business card

The eyes are the first thing anyone notices when they greet you.

In other words… your gaze is like your business card. It introduces you and tells everyone what you’re all about.

It’s one of the most intense projection of your magnetism.


I’ll rephrase:

It CAN BE one of the most intense projection of your magnetism.

Because it can also be completely neutral. If others don’t see a spark in your eyes the first time they meet you, then they (unconsciously) decide in their mind that you’re not magnetic.

If your eyes are “neutral”, it’s like you are a wall flower. They can look at you but they will give you no attention.

But when your eyes have that magnetic spark, others immediately know that you mean business.

Or they can immediately realize that you’re a sexual person.

In fact, sexually magnetic individuals don’t even have to say anything. Their eyes often talk for them. They project the sexuality without fear or restrictions.

One of the missions that you go through in the Sexual Magnetism training is to be approached by someone who you find attractive.

You read that right: it’s not YOU approaching, it’s you BEING APPROACHED.

Of course that your gaze will be highly responsible for this. It must transmit sexuality. It must shine and it must be fearless.

And yes, your eyes can project all this.

I know this perfectly well. I had a completely neutral magnetism when I started. Just like a wallflower, no one paid any attention to me.

As my training evolved, everything changed. And in the beginning I only started with the Magnetic Gaze. Nothing else. But when I started adding sexual energy to it… all hell breaks loose!

When you have a Sexual Magnetism alongside the Magnetic Gaze training, it’s a great combination! It’s simply powerful.

You make the eyes powerful and your energy sexual… that means that your eyes will project a strong sexual energy. Each time you look at someone, it will have a strong sexual impact.

I remember playing around with Fabricio in public places like bars and coffee houses in simply gazing at women and playing around with energies. We inevitably always ended up with instantaneous dates at our table.

Your eyes are quite powerful. They are your business card. They can reflect your energy in a powerful way. Remember that!

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