Your invisible atmosphere

The Sufi writer Hazrat Inayat Khan, wrote the following quote:

“Every person, from morning till evening, is making invisible forms in space by what he says. He is creating invisible vibrations around him, and so he is creating an atmosphere”

Notice has this is the same principle that we discuss in magnetism and that it’s preached by all the New Thought authors.

It doesn’t really matter which tradition you follow, it ends up with the same basic principles behind it.

Including this one: that we have an energy around us that others can feel. An “atmosphere”.

Hazrat Inayat Khan talks about what we SAY – the vibrations of our voice that creates this energy around us.

And of course, he is right, as our voice is very important in the projection of magnetism. But we also have other projection sources that create the same atmosphere, but they are all based on what we think and feel.

If inside of our mind we have negative thoughts, then our voice – and everything else – will project them. It’s very hard – dare I say impossible? – that you have negative thoughts and won’t project them through the voice and other sources.

Your mind and energy will define what you project.

This is very simply proven when you interact when someone that is feeling depressed in some way. You’ll feel it, even if the content of the conversation is positive, still, the negative energy is there.

If your thoughts and energy are negative, then this is what you are projecting.

Only when you change your mental quality and your energy should you start working with the voice and your overall projection.

Otherwise you may work on the projection of the voice, but what exactly are you projecting?

If your inside is still negative, then this is exactly what is coming out, regardless of what you practice.

That’s why we insist in starting with the 10 Steps to Inner Power and other more specific programs like the Sexual Energy Mastery, to change your mind and your energy before focusing on the projection itself.

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