Your journey to charisma

Here’s a question from a reader:

“Is there a way to get your courses cheaper without support? I can do them on my own”

All our courses have the support included for a reason.

Developing charisma, personal or sexual magnetism doesn’t have a “recipe approach”. It’s not about the knowledge of specific secret exercises that you can do for a week and all of a sudden your charisma explodes.

I wish it were, it would make things a lot easier for all of us.

It’s a process and a path filled with different roads.

Those who have develop good amounts of charisma with our method, always needed many adjustments on their path. Attempting the courses without support will lead to stagnation and confusion.

That’s why we have no option for courses without support.

The important part here is not the knowledge of the exercises and theories. That’s the easy part. The actual practice and your own personal path is where the difficulty lies.

If there was one thing I learned while teaching charisma all these years is that our paths are all different.

My path to charisma was a lot different than yours, and your path to charisma will be a lot different than your best friend.

Our personal goals and personality subtleties demand a different path each time.

The trainings provide a road map. Use them to make sure you know where you are on the global scheme of things. But then use the support for the GPS system, where to turn right and where to turn left so you know with absolute certainty you can get to the end goal.

Sometimes a simple exercise might have to be adjusted since it’s actually hindering your path.

Sometimes, you actually need additional exercises for a particularly weaker part of you. Often these additional exercises will boost your path 10x.

Our charisma training is much more than a set of exercises you have to do. It’s a whole journey.

Start your journey to charisma with the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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