Your sexual intention

In the projection of sexual energy there’s an important aspect that is always important to discuss: the intention.

If there’s not a clear intention for projecting sexual energy, then no one will feel it.

If you are still trying to hide your sexuality in some way, then your energy – and its projection – will necessarily be limited.

You may want to attract someone else, BUT, if you don’t want to show your sexuality, how will they know?

You can observe the animal kingdom.

A peacock will show its beautiful feathers when he’s trying to attract a female. A lion will display alpha behavior. A tiger will initiate a courting process with various hows and whines.

In other words, there’s always something obvious an animal instinctively does to display their interest and their sexual availability. They are not in conflict on whether or not they should do something or whether they should hide their interest.

No… quite the opposite. They “advertise” their sexual interest as loud as they possibly can.

A good player does the exact same.

If you ever seen a guy who is very good with women (or vice-versa), you’ll know exactly when he’s trying to attract someone. His sexual energy will be obvious.

If this scares you, then it’s a block that needs to be handled with a training like Sexual Energy Mastery.

When you don’t want to project sexual energy and you try to hide it, then your intention is not free and powerful. You have a conflicting intention: on one hand you want to attract someone, on the other hand, you want to hide your interest.

You are working against yourself and you are expecting the other person to take the initiative of displaying interest.

There’s nothing wrong with that if you prefer to wait for others to show interest before doing it yourself. The problem is that if you are afraid of projecting sexual energy overall (if you are trying to be as sexually neutral as possible), then they won’t show any interest since they won’t even feel you or know you’re there.

It’s like you are lion hiding in a cave, trying to attract a female lion but she doesn’t even see you. Or if you do get out of the cave, you try to be as neutral as possible. No displays of sexual availability.

The sexual intention must be there! And it must be noticeable.

With that said, there’s a difference from having a good sexual intention to being sexually obvious or crude.

You have the limits of social common sense. But your energy is free in those bounds.

As I’ve mentioned before, you can project a good sexual energy whilst talking about the weather or XVII England history. This is something I go into much detail in the Become a Sexual Man training.

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