Charisma School is an innovative training academy with the goal of develop charisma and personal magnetism. This school features online courses, live seminars and individual training with the goal of developing charisma. The courses are grounded in the philosophy and perspective of the Charisma School Framework, an approach which emphasizes the development of the necessary skills of personal magnetismmind training and energy development in order to improve your personal charisma.

In other words, we believe that Charisma is something that comes from within and can’t be developed only using external techniques (like body language, presentation skills, communication and so on). Although those things can’t be neglected, they are not the main factors of charisma. So, using the knowledge of an ancient esoteric discipline, we train the mind and develop your internal magnetism in order to develop charisma.

Charisma School is designed to fully develop your inner power, expand your mind, develop your energy and be able to project personal qualities of magnetism and presence that gives you the ability to become remarkable, magnetic and inspire everyone around you. The ultimate goal is always to increase your consciousness and self-awareness.

Some of the tools we use are: training of the will, reeducation of your behavior, development of the gaze, emotional reeducation, expansion of your inner energy and the several degrees of consciousness.

Charisma School is open for everyone who wishes to become charismatic, develop personal magnetism,  expand the powers of their own mind and increase their Inner Power.

The two main teachers of Charisma School are:


Bruno is a clinical psychologist trained in several psychotherapeutical techniques and other mind technologies. He was personally trained by Fabricio in the Charisma School Framework. He stood out by bringing groundbreaking new information to the charisma and mind expansion trainings with his experience as a psychologist which provided deeper, long lasting results to the clients that he trained.

He’s the main teacher of Charisma School and the one giving Charisma School seminars, workshops and private live and phone consultations around the globe.


Fabricio is the founder of Charisma School and the creator of the Charisma School Framework. He has personally helped hundreds of individuals to expand their minds, personal magnetism and become Charismatic. He has given seminars mostly around Europe (Holland, Spain, Italy, France). He focused on each individual to find their charisma leaks, fixing them and giving them new tools to develop their new charismatic personality.

He’s a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and consultant now retired but in seldom circumstances and occasions he still gives trainings along with Bruno.