Creating a Master Mind

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“But, you may say, what do you mean by “The Master Mind?” What is the difference between a Master Mind and any other form of Mind?

Simply this, good readers, that the Master Mind is consciously, deliberately, and voluntarily built up, cultivated, developed, and used; whereas the ordinary mind is usually unconsciously built up, cultivated, and developed, without voluntary effort on its own part, but solely by the force and power of impressions from the outside world, and is usually employed and used with little or no conscious direction by its own will.

In short, the ordinary mind is a mere creature of circumstances, driven hither and thither by the winds of outside forces, and lacking the guidance of the hand on the wheel, and being without the compass of knowledge; while the Master Mind proceeds in the true course mapped out by Intelligence, and determined by will—with sails set so as to catch the best breeze from the outside world, and steered by the master-hand at the wheel, under the direction of the compass of intelligence. The ordinary mind is like a dumb, driven animal, while the Master Mind is like the strong-willed, intelligent, masterful Man.

The average man is a very slave to his thoughts and feelings. A stream of thought and feeling flows through him, moving him hither and thither with little or no voluntary choice on his own part.

Even those men who have attained a certain degree of mental mastery do but little more than to feebly steer their mental bark by the rudder of a wobbling will—they do not realize that Mastery is possible to them.

Even a well known writer has said: ”We do not voluntarily create our thinking. It takes place in us. We are more or less passive recipients. We cannot change the nature of a thought; but we can, as it were, guide the ship by a moving of the helm.”

It would be truer to say that we can deliberately and voluntarily select and choose the particular wind which is to force our mental boat forward or, changing the figure, to choose and select the particular stream of thought and feeling which is to be allowed to flow through our mind.”

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Retaining the training benefits

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How can you retain the benefits from the courses?”

Most of our courses will explain how to retain their benefits once you finish.

But overall, there are two essential points to be mentioned.

There are some exercises that you can do to “keep the flame alive,” so to speak. But more important than this is often using what you learned in your daily life.

It’s easy to forget what you have done and go through life the same way. After all, 10 weeks can be a short time, so you often need to maintain specific exercises – at least for some time.

Don’t worry that it won’t be forever. It’s not like you need to do something forever and ever. You need to do it until you integrate the lessons from that exercise.

Then depending on the courses, certain things you do will be part of you.

For example, once you unblock specific energies in you, it’s hard to revert back. Likewise, once you develop a healthy sexual flow, returning to your previous blocked state is hard.

It’s done, and you won’t need to think about it again. Your sexual energy will simply be flowing healthy.

In this sense, these types of changes are permanent – but only if you understand them as permanent and fulfill the purpose of the exercise.

So, the most crucial aspect of retaining the course benefits is truly understanding the purpose of the exercises you are doing and why you are doing them – instead of simply doing the exercises for the sake of doing them – as some ritual.

Deep inner work

What we attract to our lives is deeply unconscious.

It goes much deeper than what looks at first glance.

If you think about it, certain things repeatedly happen in your life. You may not know how and may not want them, but they happen.

Even if you try to prevent them, somehow, they continually happen.

You may be attracting the same negative romantic partner – with similar traits.

Maybe your businesses always end up in failure in very similar ways.

Maybe your “friends” always end up looking down on you.

Among many others.

Those are certainly events that you don’t want; you probably tried to avoid the same mistakes. Yet, these mistakes tend to happen over and over again.

We’ve talked before about how life can be random and erratic. And you are not at fault for everything that happens to you. But if the same thing tends to happen mostly to you, then there’s something different at work. This is when you know you are attracting these “chance events.”

You may want to attract something else – after all, no one wants repeated adverse events in their life.

But it’s not about a magical energy that will change everything.

It’s about your own growth and your own energetic evolution.

You won’t be able to shift your energy to something else without healing and evolving what you need.

Just like you won’t become sexually magnetic without evolving your energy, healing your sexual blocks, and finally accepting sexual energy, the same happens with every other aspect.

In other words, there’s some deep inner work to be done.

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