Can you stop having negative energy?

I’ve often receive questions of students saying that they still feel negative energy inside of them after X exercise.

It’s hard for me to answer these type of questions, because negative energy is part of everyone, and it’s hard to know what is too much or simply a “normal amount”.

What you need to understand is that there will always be negative energy, negative feelings, and so forth.

It’s not like you can always be feeling positive energy inside of you. Some part of negative energy will always be there.

Remember that we have negative feelings for a reason. We feel fear because if we didn’t, we would have been eaten by a lion or bitten by a snake very early of our evolution.

We feel disgust because certain foods are not good for us to eat.

And so on.

All these emotions, negative feelings and negative energy are part of us and will continue to be.

It’s also good that we feel the negative energy if we are talking to someone that makes us feel bad. Otherwise, we would be drained afterward and we wouldn’t know why. If we feel it, at least we can protect ourselves and stop the interaction much sooner.

If you’re going to speak for a crowd, it’s normal to feel some anxiety – regardless of how many times you have done it before.

For example, the great cellist Pablo Casals had paralyzing bouts of stage fright prior to each one of his performances – he was very open about that. He said:

“Nerves and stage fright before playing have never left me through-out the whole of my career. Can you realize that at each of the thousands of concerts I played at, I felt as bad as I did on that first occasion? The thought of a public concert always gives me a nightmare.”

Yet, he always performed… and brilliantly. His Will power was strong to overcome it. Otherwise it would have been easier to not perform.

You can feel more, as Pablo Casals did, or you can feel less, but that shouldn’t be debilitating anxiety. That shouldn’t be an anxiety that stops you from doing it or stops you from doing it as best as you can.

I’m sure that if Pablo Casals worked on it, he would have reduced his anxiety and overall negative energy in a large degree.

But should it be completely gone? I don’t know. Maybe he used it to fuel his brilliant performances. So, how far should you take it?

You can certainly use energy methods to reduce your negative energy to a very large degree:

– You can use it to reduce your baseline negative energy – that’s a very important aspect. That negative energy that seems to be always with you and make you feel bad without any particular reason. This hinders your magnetism.

– You can use it to reduce the debilitating anxiety, fear and negative energy. The one that stops you from either doing it at all, or doing it at your best.

– You can use it until positive energy overpowers the negativity that you feel inside.

The most important part is working with it until you’re not affected by it in a significant negative way. How far do you want/should take it, it’s something only you can know, but don’t expect to completely eliminate it.

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Learn how to Will

Here’s a quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“The central doctrine of Magic may be summed up as follows:

“(1) That a supersensible and real ‘cosmic medium’ exists, which interpenetrates, influences and supports the tangible and apparent world, and which is amenable to the categories of both philosophy and physics. This ‘cosmic medium’ or ‘astral light’ is first cousin to the intangible ether of the physicists.

From the earliest times, occult philosophy has proclaimed its knowledge of this medium, always describing it as a scientific fact, outside the range of our normal senses, but susceptible of verification by the trained powers of the initiate.

It was the first object of occult education and initiation to actualize this supersensible plane of experience, teaching the student how to impose upon its forces the directive forces of his own thought and will, as easily as he might impose these upon the material things of sense.

“(2) That there is an established analogy and equilibrium between the material and supermaterial world. This doctrine of Analogy, or correspondence between the seen and the unseen worlds, is the basis of the speculations of occultism. ‘As above, so below; as below, so above’, the first axiom of Hermes Trismegistus, is also agreeable to all Platonists.

Says Eliphas Levi: ‘Analogy is the last word of science, and the first word of faith; it is the key of all the secrets of nature’. It was admitted into the system of the Kabalah, and Boehme and Swenborg gladly availed themselves of its method in presenting their intuitions to the world. Sir Thomas Browne said: ‘The severe schools shall never laugh me out of the philosophy of Hermes, that this visible world is but a picture of the invisible, wherein, as in a portrait, things are not in material shapes, but in ideal shapes which picture some material substance in that invisible framework’.

“(3) That the equilibrium between the material and supermaterial worlds may be controlled by the disciplined Thought and Will of man.

In its essence, magical initiation is a traditional form of mental discipline, strengthening and focusing the will. Says Eliphas Levi: ‘Just as the powers of the body can be developed to an amazing extent by athletics, so may the powers of the soul be likewise developed; learn how to will’.

This power of the will is daily gaining recognition in the camps of science, as the chief factors in religion and in therapeutics of the healing of the body and the healing of the soul for our most advanced theories on these subjects are little more than the old wine in the new bottles.”

Connection with the Will is one of the fundamentals of personal magnetism. With it you are influencing the different planes of being.

The power of the Will is everywhere… and as you can read for yourself it’s an essential part of esoteric schools all over the world.

Don’t neglect it!

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I’m feeling worse!

As you start doing any kind of energy work, you’ll find many internal blocks inside of you. In other words, you find places in your body where energy is not flowing as it should.

You can call them blocks, or knots, or obstacles to the flow. Whatever you want to call them, they will become evident inside of you.

Maybe they are muscular, as you find a consistently tense muscle. Or maybe they are energetic, and the muscles are somewhat relaxed, but there’s a feeling of constriction in there.

Either way, it’s always a block when the energy doesn’t run smoothly and effortlessly.

A common experience that most students have as they start to unblock these knots inside their own body is that they start to get uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts, doubts, etc.

It’s like they feel worse than before.

And that’s normal.

A block works as a defensive mechanism: it keeps your negativity locked inside. On this case, it keeps your negative energy locked inside a particular area.

Once you unlock it, the negative energy can come out… with all the consequences that comes from it.

So why should you do it? Why shouldn’t you just stay put and let the negative energy locked away?

A block is stuck energy. Energy that you didn’t knew how to handle before. You had no tools for it, and because of it, your body and energy found a way to handle it.

Not the best way but A way.

But a block is not something that has no consequences. That block is pushing you to behave in a certain – unwanted – direction, maybe have some physical consequences, maybe increasing your anxiety due to the restriction of energy flow. It overall brings you discomfort in a different way.

Once you release it, indeed this negative energy – that you didn’t knew how to handle before – comes up. Maybe it brings negative memories, maybe it brings negative feelings, negative inner voice and so on.

And most likely you’ll feel worse than before! Which is quite scary. You were feeling normal – whatever normal was for you -, and all of a sudden, you start to feel worse. More negative.

Only now you are prepared to handle it. Now you have the tools to process this negative energy allowing it run its course in your own body, dissipating it, removing the blocks with it.

So even though negative energy comes up (the block is not there pushing it down), you are able to handle it permanently, instead of allowing it to remain stuck in your body generating many negative consequences for it.

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