What is happening inside of you?

When you are sexually aroused, there are plenty of energetic movements inside.

These movements are nice and pleasurable. That’s why everyone feels good when they are aroused!

Everyone feels the pleasure and seeks this feeling quite often.

You don’t need to be an energetic master or have any energetic awareness to feel it. It’s very obvious.

But, without energy awareness, you feel all these movements and feelings as a sort of bundled together.

You sense it as one “aroused” feeling instead of the several different minute energetic informations that are happening.

You feel as ONE instead of MANY.

It’s only when you develop an awareness of the energy that you start to understand why this is a great feeling and what is really happening inside, differentiating the internal events.

And particularly, noticing the energetic movements more in depth. You start to know exactly what is happening inside.

What’s the use of this knowledge? Why should you care to know it? Why shouldn’t you just enjoy it as is?

Even if you don’t share my uncommon interest in understanding the energy body, there is an important reason to do it:

When you are aware of it, you can also change it.

When you are NOT aware, you don’t know what to change.

You can notice different feelings that are contaminating this energy, and that’s why people may not be attracted to you.

Of your energy gets stuck in certain places, creating blocks and hindering your ability to actually project this energy externally. Probably making people not even seeing you as a sexual individual (ever heard the typical “Let’s just be friends”?)

You can also increase this very same energy inside of you, making quite a strong sexual appeal.

None of this can happen when you merely feel everything just bundled together as everyone else does. Then you become subject to the whims of whatever happens inside your body.

Instead I propose that you develop the ability to CONTROL it and you can learn how to do this in Sexual Energy Mastery training.

The conflict of the Will

William Walker Atkinson wrote this insightful piece about the Will:

“It is a well known fact among horsemen, that certain horses possess a subtle quality called “class” which is recognized as existent, but which defies definition or explanation.

Its power may be imagined when it is realized that when two horses of equal speed contest with each other, the thoroughbred horse will always intimidate and discourage his opponent so that he will drop to the rear.

It is not a matter of brute strength or show of violence that accomplishes this result, for the classy horse may be very gentle—it is a subtle manifestation of Will, which the other horse recognizes as superior to his own, and he gives up the struggle. […]

A writer in a magazine, in an article entitled “The Taming of Animals,” expresses the idea in these words: “Put two male baboons in the same cage, and they will open their mouths, show all their teeth, and ‘blow’ at each other.

But one of them, even though he may possess the uglier dentition, will blow with a difference, with an inward shakiness that marks him for the under dog at once. No test of battle is needed at all.

It is the same with the big cats. Put two, or four, or a dozen lions in together, and they also probably
without a single contest, will soon discover which one of them possesses the mettle of the master.

Thereafter he takes the choice of the meat; if he chooses, the rest shall not even begin to eat until he has finished; he goes first to the fresh pan of water.

In short he is the ‘king of the cage’. Now, then, when a tamer goes into a den with a big cat that has taken a notion to act ‘funny’ his attitude is almost exactly like that of the ‘king beast’ above mentioned would be toward a subject rash and ill-advised enough to challenge his kingship.

The conflict of the Will, silent and subtle, but active and vigorous, goes on between persons who meet and whose interests clash. When two such persons meet there is manifested that silent Will struggle between them, from which one emerges a victor, and the other defeated for the moment.”

It’s important to notice that this “conflict of the Will” that Atkinson talks about, is often very much unconscious. It goes underneath words.

If you recall your own interactions, you simply know who has more power, who has the stronger Will and you unconsciously position yourself in a lower or higher position.

In the 10 Steps to Inner Power we work precisely in this important Will. In recognizing it, strengthening it and using it in your daily life and your own interactions.

The connection to your higher self

On the previous post we discussed the training of the Will inside of you as a percursor to influence and projection.

In fact, there’s a bigger picture here.

The Will is much more than a few exercises you need to do so that you can accomplish some interesting things in your life.

It’s a connection to your superior “I” or to your higher self.

It’s a larger part of you. Much larger than we can possibly understand.

So when you start with the initial Will exercises you are actually training the supremacy of your higher self over your lower self.

You are stating that you are – truly – in control over your body, mind and energy.

All of these elements are part of you, that’s true, but they are not you. All the students of the 10 Steps to Inner Power know this.

And when you train your Will you are understanding this experientially. You are understanding that you have a higher self that has control over everything in your body.

That’s the true power of the Will.

Most people just flow along life like a leaf in the wind. Whatever the wind blows, they follow.

They follow the mind, body and energy instead of having power over them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about ignoring them. It’s not about ignoring your hunger, or your emotional states, or your energetic states, etc. All these are essential to monitor and to become aware as we discussed heavily before.

It’s about having power over yourself and these aspects.

First in getting to know them, then in controlling them. But you NEVER stop listening to them. You never stop being aware of what they are telling you. Then you can decide what to do.

This is the very first training of any initiates in most traditions.

All initiates understand that you are more than your body, mind and energy. And they can be controlled by something higher.

An initiate beginning exercises are always related to controlling themselves. In learning to use the Will muscle in their own body, mind and energy.

The Will is the vehicle for that. It’s the strength that allows you to control everything inside and outside of you.

It’s your “spiritual” muscle fundamental to all later work.

Don’t ever neglect it.


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