Can you fake your magnetism and internal state?

Regarding the previous email I sent, a student asked me:

“Can you fake your own magnetism and internal state?”

Of course someone would want to game the system 🙂

It’s a lot easier to fake it than to actually develop a good and strong internal state.

That’s why so many people drink, take drugs or other mind altering substances. It changes how you feel inside, and it also changes your projection.

Depending on your own reactions to these substances, it may give you a better magnetism overall.

We all know a really cheerful drunk friend who is quite boring when he or she is not drunk.

(although the opposite can happen and you can also become really depressed)

If you want to be dependent upon a substance to be able to project a good and strong magnetism, it’s not for me judge.

Also, if you want to pump yourself up and only have a good and strong magnetism when you make a certain preparation and the stars align, it’s also not for me to judge.

But, personally, I don’t want that.

I want a good and strong magnetism regardless if I have a drink or not and the regardless if the stars are in the right position.

I may have an important meeting in the morning where I need a strong magnetism and I don’t want to be drunk at 8am.

I want to have a good and strong magnetism anywhere anytime… without being dependent upon external factors.

I want to rely only on myself and permanently develop a strong magnetism that is available 24/7.

Whether you also want that or not, it’s up to you, but that’s what we train in Charisma School.

Not to “fake” a good and strong magnetism, but to actually create a real one inside yourself.

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the simplest explanation of magnetism

If you were giving the way you feel inside to someone else, would they feel good with it?

In other words, if your own internal state could be transfered to someone else, would they like it? Would they want to spend more time in this state or less time? Would it be good and exciting for them? Or would it be boring? Or worse… would they feel bad with it?

Because that’s what happens in magnetism – you are transferring your own internal state to someone else.

The quality of your thoughts, the quality of your energy is projected to everyone around you.

It doesn’t take much to understand this.

Just remember the last time you were around for a couple of hours talking to a depressed friend. How did you felt afterwards?

How about when you were around a cheerful happy friend? How did you felt afterwards?

How about when you were with someone with an obvious sexual magnetism? How did you felt afterwards?

How you feel inside, which is a big part of your own magnetism, it’s being transfered to everyone around you, one way or the other.

That’s why all the training regarding your own internal state and inner power, the quality of your energy, your emotions and so on, is so important.

It all gets transfered unconsciously to all those who you interact with.

If it’s negative, they will feel that and will – consciously or unconsciously – be repelled and walk away.

If it’s positive, they will feel that and will – consciously or unconsciously – be attracted and want to be around you more often.

In fact, in magnetism, two things can happen:

Either you are transferring your own state (magnetism) to someone else or you are receiving someone else’s internal state.

The stronger magnetism always wins.

Magnetism works from the stronger state to the weaker state. The person with the strongest internal state and projection always wins.

So not only do you need a GOOD internal state (a state that people around you would want to be around) but you also need a STRONG internal state (one that would win over the magnetism of other people).

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Your fundamental vital strength

Here’s a fascinating quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“It’s not always the biggest and strongest physically who rule – the ruler becomes so by reason of the mysterious soul quality which we call Spiritdness, and which men often call “nerve”, or “mettle”, or “sand”.

When two individuals come into contact with each other there is mental struggle – there may not even be a word uttered – and yet soul grapples with soul as the two pairs of eyes gaze into each other, and a subtle something in each engages and grapples with a subtle something in the other.

It may be all over in a moment, but the conflict is settled for the time, and each of the mental combatants knows that he is victor or defeated, as the case may be.

There may be no feeling of antagonism between the parties engaging, but nevertheless there seems to be an inward recognition on both sides that there is something between them always leads.

And this leadership does not depend upon physical strength, intellectual attainment, or culture in the ordinary sense, but upon the manifestation and recognition of that subtle quality that we have called Spirit.

People unconsciously assert their recognition of quality in themselves and others by their use of the term. We often hear of people “lacking spirit”; “being spiritless”; and of others having had their spirit broken;”, etc.

Breeders of thoroughbred racing horses will tell you that a horse having spirit will run a gamer race and will often outdistance and out-wind a horse having higher physical characteristics, but less “spirit” or “class”. Horsemen insist that the possession of “spirit” in a horse is recognized by the other horses, who are affected by it and become discouraged and allow themselves to be beaten, although often they may be better racing machines, physically.

This spirit is a fundamental vital strength possessed by all living things in degrees – and it may be developed and strengthened in one’s self.”

This “spirit” Atkinson is talking about is nothing more than magnetism coupled with a Strong Will! And it’s our goal to develop it.

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