The great rhythmic harmony

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“All through Nature, and Nature’s manifestations, there exists rhythm and Harmony. Everything in the Universe is in unceasing action. There is a universal vibratory movement apparent everywhere. From the atoms, and the particles composing the atoms, up through all the material combinations and groupings there is constant, incessant vibration and motion. And from this constant motion, and running through its entire manifestation, there is apparent a constant and invariable law of rhythm. Just as there is a rhythm apparent in all that we call music, so is there a rhythm in the music of Nature. And from that rhythm proceeds that which we call Harmony.

The planets as they swing in regular orbits around the sun—yes, the suns as they swing around still greater suns—and so on until the mind fails to grasp the wonder of it all—all manifest rhythm. The sea in its manifestation of the rise and fall of the tides, exhibits rhythm. The heart of man breathes in rhythmic measure. In the great waves of light traveling to us from the sun and stars, millions upon millions of miles away, there exists a rhythmic measure registered upon the delicate instruments of science.

You have heard of the wonderful force latent in the rhythmic measure of music. You have read of instances in which mighty bridges have been shattered by the note of the violin constantly sounded in an uninterrupted rhythm.

It seems almost incredible, but it is true that the soft note of a tiny violin, constantly sounded in regular rhythm can become powerful enough to make the bridge first tremble, and then shudder, and then sway to and fro until it finally collapses.

Science teaches us that even the mighty steel skyscrapers of our great cities could be brought to the ground in a mass of twisted steel rods, if one were but to ascertain the keynote of the entire building, and then manage to start into motion the vibrations of a strong musical instrument, constantly sounding that one keynote, over and over again, for hour after hour, until the great giant structure would “catch the motion” and begin to tremble.

“To catch the motion,” that is it. If we could but “catch the motion” of Nature’s great rhythmic harmony we could accomplish anything. And this is not such a wild dream as might be supposed at first glance.

There is a great rhythmic harmony inherent in the mind of man. Just as the bridge has its keynote, so has the mind of each man, and the great mind of the race of men. And if we will but withdraw ourselves from the incidents and distractions of the outer life and retire for a moment or so within the inner regions of ourselves, we may catch the faint echo of that great Universal Harmony of the mind, sounding clear and well defined. If we can do this, we have but to take up the mental keynote and sound it until we make our influence felt.”

(New Video) Charisma, the path to freedom

The last video of the free course, “Awakening Magnetism and Charisma” has now been released!

Finally, this sixth and last video will discuss the difference between magnetism and charisma and their ultimate purpose.

You can watch it here on YouTube:

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Awakening Magnetism and Charisma

How to improve your self-reliance

Self-reliance is essential, not just in magnetism and charisma, but also to thrive in life.

This is nothing more than relying on your power and ability to do what you need to do.

And the way to develop it is simple: doing what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, and how you were going to do it.

Basically, following through on your word.

That’s it.

Do it every day, and you’ll see your self-reliance exponentially improving. You may come across some challenges as you do it:

The most common one is being over-ambitious as you start, which leads to failure. As in: “From now on, I’m going to the gym daily.” This can be hard to sustain long-term, where sickness or holidays could side-track you.

It’s much better to start doing them in shorter and more controlled periods, like a month, a week, or even just a few days. And then decide what you want to do after. Establishing your intentions forever is setting yourself up for failure.

The second most common challenge is when you fail. It’s easy to enter a downward spiral of self-blaming and depression: “I’m always like this,” “I’m constantly making the same mistakes,” and so forth.

That’s not the goal. You will fail, no question about it. It’s about learning what you can and continue your path. Why have you failed? Was it something within your control or not? Maybe you couldn’t complete your one week of daily jogging because you got sick. There is not much you could control here. But if you couldn’t finish it because you always oversleep in the morning, the morning may not be the best time for your daily jogging, and you could change the time.

The goal is not self-blaming but learning from it, adapting, and moving on. As long as you want to accomplish what you set out to do, you’ll find a way.

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