Am I the most magnetic man on earth?

I often receive questions like the one below:

“Are you the most magnetic man on earth?”

In case you’re wondering: not at all.

There’s plenty of people with a stronger magnetism. In fact, many students developed a stronger magnetism and have many more magnetic accomplishments than me.

And I feel really happy with that!

I follow the same approach my teacher Fabricio did.

He never wanted to be considered a guru, or even an example to follow. He wanted to teach magnetism but not have someone follow his footsteps or put him on a pedestal in any way.

So whenever someone started to have “guru” admiration towards him, he would do or say something to purposefully break that.

He wouldn’t accept that someone would consider him a guru where everything he did was perfect and without fault.

We are all human, me, Fabricio and all of our past teachers; and becoming an example to follow is a burden neither of us wanted. He wanted to maintain his day to day life, with all its faults and imperfections without trying to live the “role model life”.

Back then, in the beginning of my own training, I would tell him that he could use his magnetism to be famous and wealthy and have many followers. He would laugh at me. Now, I completely understand and identify with his stance and approach. It “only” took something like 10 years to realize that.

In a world where everyone lives off their perfect “instagrammable lives”, it takes more courage to be a real human than to establish the appearance of a near perfect life.

He would let the magnetic transmission and training do its work, with him being only a vehicle to transmitting the knowledge, without claiming – or wanting to be – the ultimate magnetic man.

The first few exercises are usually enough for everyone to notice whether this kind of material has value or not.

For me it was perfectly obvious once I started my own training. I knew this material had a potential to be life changing. Not because a “guru” maintained some sort of perfect life that I wanted, but because I saw the potential of the training to change myself.

Do the work and embrace the changes. Not because of any sort of “guru”, but because you see the value in this training to change your life.

You are a giant of power

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The majority of us have little or no conception of the reserve mental energies and forces contained within our being. We jog along at our customary gait, thinking that we are doing our best and getting all out of life that there is in it – think we are expressing ourselves to our utmost capacity. But we are living only in the firstwind mental state, and behind our working mentality are stores of wonderful mental energy and power – faculties lying dormant – power lying latent – awaiting the magic command of the Will in order to awaken into activity and outward expression.

We are far greater beings than we have realized – we are giants of power, if we did but know it. Many of us are like young elephants that allow themselves to be mastered by weak men, and put through their paces, little dreaming of the mighty strength and power concealed within their organisms. Those of you who have read our little manual entitled “The Inner Consciousness” will recall what we said therein regarding the regions above and below the plane of the ordinary outer consciousness. And on those hidden planes of the mind, are untold
possibilities – the raw materials for mighty mental tasks and achievement – the storage batteries of wonderful accomplishment.

The trouble with us is that we do not realize the existence of these faculties. We think that we are merely what we manifest in our ordinary dogtrot gait. Another problem is that we have not had the incentive to take action – we have lacked the interest to do great things – we haven’t wanted to hard enough. This “want-to-hard-enough” is the great inciting power in life. Desire is the fire which rouses up the steam of Will. Without Incentive – and that means Desire – we accomplish nothing. Given the great, earnest, burning ardent Desire as an animating force – the great incentive to take action, and we are able to get up this mental “second-wind” – yes, third, fourth, and fifth winds – tapping one plane of inward power after another, until we work mental miracles.

We wonder at the achievements of the great men in all walks of life, and we are apt to excuse ourselves by the sad remark that these people seem to “have it in them,” while we have not. Nonsense, we all have it in us to do things a hundred times greater than we are doing. The trouble is not in greater than we are doing.

The trouble is not in the lack of power and mental material, but in the Desire and Interest, and Incentive to arouse into activity those wonderful storehouses of dynamic power within our mentality – we fail to call into our disposal, and which is like all other natural powers and forces eager and anxious to be manifested and expressed. Yes, that’s what we said “anxious and eager,” for all natural forces, penned up and in a static condition seem to be bursting with desire to manifest and express into outer dynamic activity. This seems to be a law of life and nature.

Nature and all in it seems to be eager for active expression. Have you not been surprised at yourselves at times, when under some slightly higher pressure and incentive Something Within you seemed to break its bounds and fairly carry you off of your feet in its rush into active work? Have you not accomplished tasks under
the s tress of a sudden urgent need, that you would have deemed impossible in cold-blood. Have you not carried all before you when you “warmed-up” to the task, whereas your ordinary self would have stood around doing nothing under ordinary circumstances.”

Knowing ourselves deeply in all our energies and inner power is a crucial part of being magnetic.

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The connection between concentration and Will

Regarding the last email, a student asked me what’s the relationship between Will and concentration.

And the answer is: everything.

You can’t train concentration without training the Will. And you can’t train the Will without training some concentration.

Both the training of Will and concentration generate tension energy.

If you have enough energy awareness you can easily recognize this. It’s generated with each exercise, so you can know that Will and concentration have the same root energy.

It’s inevitable to recognize that.

That’s why they are both trained with exercises from Will and concentration. Even if you don’t know the first thing about tension energy, you are certainly generating it with these type of exercises.

Hence, they are connected in this way.

By doing a concentration exercise you are training the Will. Let’s reflect on this:

The concentration exercise is usually focusing on a certain object of concentration and retaining that object in mind during a period of time.

For that, your mind will naturally keep wandering and your goal is to reduce that mind wandering. So you’ll need to shift things around inside – particularly in your mental state -, and as you do it, you are bringing back the power of your consciousness – hence, the power of your Will.

This is where you see your Will – by deciding what you WANT to do at any given moment. And in concentration exercises, you are deciding it on each second, hence, really creating a strong Will as you go along.

But as I mentioned on the previous email, remember that this continues on your daily life. The exercises are used as a training ground, so that you can that same skill in your daily life – even if not as deep as in the exercise.

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