Do not put any limits to your future possibilities

Here’s a great quote by Prentice Mulford, the author of the New-Thought classic: “Your Forces and How to Use Them”:

“Every thought of yours is a real thing—a force. Every thought of yours is literally building for you something for the future of good or ill.

What then is your mind dwelling on now in any matter? The dark or the bright side? Is it toward others ugly or kind? This is precisely the same as asking “what kind of life and results are you making for yourself in the future?”

If now you are obliged to live in a tenement house or sit at a very inferior table, or live among the coarse and vulgar, do not say to yourself that you must always so live. Live in mind or imagination in the better house. Sit in imagination at better served tables and among superior people. When you cultivate this state of mind your forces are carrying you to the better. Be rich in spirit, in mind, in imagination, and you will in time be rich in material things.

It is the mood of mind you are most in, whether that be groveling or aspiring, that is actually making physical conditions of life in advance for you. The same law applies to the building-up of the body. In imagination live in a strong, agile body, though yours is now a weak one.

Do not put any limits to your future possibilities. Do not say: “I must stop here. I must always rank below this or that great man or woman. My body must weaken, decay and perish, because in the past so many people’s bodies have weakened and perished.”

Do not say: “My power’s and talents are only of the common order and as an ordinary person. I shall live and die as millions have done before me.”

When you think this, as many do unconsciously, you imprison yourself in an untruth. You bring then to yourself the evil and painful results of an untruth. You bar and fetter your aspiration to grow to powers and possibilities beyond the world’s present knowledge. You cut from you the higher truth and possibility.

You have latent in you, some power, some capacity, some shading of talent different from that ever possessed by any human being. No two minds are precisely alike, for the Infinite Force creates infinite variety in its every expression, whether such expression be a sunset or a mind.”

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Importance of Personal magnetism in isolation

Is personal magnetism relevant for you if you are in isolation?

If you have been following this newsletter for a while and are aware of the different facets of personal magnetism, you know well that it’s much more than a way to influence people.

It’s a way to gain a mastery over your own body, mind and energy.

Inner power, energy, concentration, manifestation, unblocking, Will, are all crucial aspects of the development of your whole self… regardless of what you want to pursue out of life or if you are interested in influencing others or not.

Even sexual energy it’s crucial to train in isolation. If you are home alone, sexual energy still flows in you and still influences you in a large degree. I’m sure you know that.

It’s not simply to attract others. It’s also to achieve a mastery over yourself. Even Napoleon Hill talked about it.

Even if I were to live the rest of my life in isolation – which I obviously hope not – magnetism, and all its related aspects, would still be something I would be training every day.

They are ways for you to get to know your true self, and above all, to control the many aspects that influence your life – whether in isolation or in “normal” life.

Above all, I’m using my own magnetic training in confinement for three purposes:

1) First, my own self-mastery and well being. Taking advantage of this period to go deeper than before in energy, mind and body.

Making sure that my inner power and Will remains steady and grows to higher levels.

2) Not less important, but to become a stable rock in the support of others close to me. It’s very easy to everyone else to lose their minds and to give in to their fear (as we talked on the last email).

You need to become a source of stability to them, giving them a piece of your own power and strength when they need it the most.

3) And finally as preparation for when I get out. While everyone else will be trying to adjust to normal life again, I want to be thriving, not simply adjusting.

This requires a regular magnetic training – with adjustments – to make sure you keep your top shape!

Fear is a disease

Fear is something we all feel. We can be fearful of a specific event (like an important presentation), or of a potential event (getting fired), or of someone, and so on.

Some occasions are normal to feel fear. I would say that if I see a lion or a bear in front of me as I’m crossing the street, I would say I will be very fearful.

Fortunately, this is not a common event in most European or American cities… except if you are crossing a street at the zoo!

The problem is when fear is a common part of your life and you feel the fear pretty often.

It’s quite easy, in our current pandemic situation, to live in this state of fear. Watch any news channel for a couple of hours and you’re bound to feel frightened about this whole situation.

Keep doing it for a few days and an overwhelming anxiety can kick in. You’ll be living in a state of fear not knowing what will happen to you and your loved ones.

This state of fear it’s a disease. The more you give in to it, the more you’ll feel it and the more it will affect your life.

Fear in itself, is normal when in specific occasions and situations. But it’s a disease when it takes over your life. When you are constantly living in this state, then it’s a big issue that you must handle

Fear will not allow you to be in a magnetic state. They are antagonists.

Fear can’t live in someone who is magnetic (in a permanent way) and vice-versa.

Energetically, the reason is simple:

Tension energy is great when you have CONTROL over it. When you are increasing and decreasing it as you see fit – like when you train it with the exercises of the Vitality and Energy Training.

That’s the energy we use to increase our personal magnetism.

But when you allow it to control you, when it drifts uncontrollably in your body, then it’s dangerous, unhealthy and non-magnetic.

In modern science we know that a bit of stress is good for us, but not a lot. Bodybuilders know this well. Training for a certain period of time is great for your body and you can grow muscle. But if you train more than this period you enter into overtraining and you’ll lose muscle instead (or not gain it).

Uncontrollable tension energy is a stressful energy. It’s an energy that can give rise to a constant anxious state.

This is what happens when you are giving in to fear. You are placing your body, mind and energy into a constant alarm state. A state where tension energy increases exponentially without control, without intention and Will.

And that is dangerous in terms of your own bodily and mental health.

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