The fundamental importance of your attention

Your attention and focus is more important for your life than most people realize.

This is not just a matter of being focused in whatever you are doing – as important as that is.

It’s much more than single minded focus and productivity. It’s about your own self.

What you focus on, defines who you are.

A well known Cherokee story says:

A child who was wronged comes to his grandfather for advice.

The elder tells him:

“There’s a fight inside of me right now”

“And inside of you too and inside of every person there’s a battle between two wolves. One wolf is anger, envy, regret, self-pity, guilt, false pride, vengeance and the like.

The other wolf is love, joy, peace, kindness, hope, humility, forgiveness, truth, compassion and faith.”

The child asks:

“So which wolf wins?”

The grandfather replies:

“The one you feed.”

What you choose to focus on determines what you become. What and where you focus is paramount to define your self and your own life.

Many people are focused on their own negative traits, so guess what happens? They become further more negative.

This is as much related to the thoughts in your mind as to the energy. Your energy flows where your attention goes.

When you really understand this, a whole new world opens up to you. But you do need some background to fully – and in an experiencial way – truly get it.

I use this principle on my everyday life quite often for many useful things.

Change of focus -> change of energy -> change of behavior.

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Everything is thought

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Did you ever stop to think that in the case of some of the mighty bridges spanning the rivers surrounding New York City, each span, each strand of steel, each support, each bit of construction – and the whole bridge in its entirety – existed and was created in the mind of the designer before it was manifested or materialized?

Did you ever think that the great buildings which rear their imposing forms and shapes along our business streets were created in the minds of their architects, and actually existed in their minds before the building could be erected?

Did you ever think that the delicate mechanism of the watch you are carrying in your pocket existed in the mind of its designer long before the material watch was evolved from the parts? The watch would not be, and could not be, unless the designer had seen it all in his minds eye, down to the smallest detail, before he materialized it.

The above statements are more or less commonplace, but the majority of people overlook these important facts in the contemplation of material things. They ignore the fact that anything and everything that has ever been created in material form must of necessity have been created in mental form previously. There is no exception to this rule.

Every thing that is materialized must have existed previously in the mind of the person creating it. The house, the bridge, the watch, the suit of clothes, the hat, the pen-knife, the shoes, the buttons on the clothes – everything that you can see, or think of, that has been made, has first been created mentally, in its every part and a whole.

When we materialize a thing by creating or building, we simply build the material around the mental picture of the thing that we have first created. The primal building is in the mind. And this is true of financial success just as it is true of everything else. Some build little, seeing only just a little in advance of their building, and thus do their mental creation by piece-meal. Others see the whole thing in general outlines, and then fill in the details as they go along. The principle is the same in both cases.”

Although this seems to be obvious, when we go to the root source, we always find this important insight in there.

That’s why William Walker Atkinson, and other authors, always talk about “Thoughts are Things”.

Achieving any kind of goal is not different. You need to know what you want, be able to see it in your mind, create this mental picture and bring it to physical manifestation.

That is a very basic – yet advanced – knowledge that many people still don’t grasp.

We work on this in Magnetic Manifestation training.

Can we feel the different energies of another person?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can we feel the different energies of another person?”

Of course we can!

Just like anyone can feel yours. That’s the whole principle of magnetism.

You are projecting a certain energy that other persons can feel. The thing is: you are ALWAYS projecting a certain energy.

This energy can be stronger or weaker, which means that others can feel more or it or less of it. If they feel less of it, then you probably won’t cause a great impact in them; if they feel more of it, then the impact can be a lot bigger.

Then, considering you are projecting a strong energy, the impact you have on another person depends on the QUALITY of this energy.

If it’s heavily sexual, then you will have a strong sexual impact on another person.

The quality of the energy is what gives the “color” of your impact. Some people have a strong depressive energy, guess what kind of impact you will have?

But, although you are training this energy, its projection and its qualities, everyone naturally emits a certain QUANTITY of energy with a certain QUALITY.

It can change in your day to day, but it tends to varie only between certain limits. Just think about your own influencing skills and how they change in your day to day life. Some days you can have a larger influence, but it usually stays within a range.

Now, everyone else is the exact same!

They have an energy that is projected with a certain QUANTITY (stronger or weaker) which has a certain QUALITY, that everyone can feel when they are interacting with this person.

Naturally, without energy awareness and the knowledge of your own states, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is happening.

Most people are completely oblivious to the energy in itself, they only feel its emotional effects:

“I’m attracted by this person”

“This person makes me feel really depressed”

“He irritates me”

And so on.

But the more energetically aware you are, the more you have a certain vocabulary to feel and express whatever you are feeling, not only from yourself, but also from everyone around you.

So you understand the type of energy that other person is projecting that makes you feel depressed or attracted (or whatever other state). You understand its different shades, qualities and quantity. With all the obvious benefits this brings.

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