Aligned sexual communication

Our communication with each other is much more than merely intellectual or conscious.

We’re projecting energy whether we want to or not.

But most people aren’t aware of what they’re projecting and what others are feeling from their interaction.

They’re only focused on the importance of the words being said, not the underlying sub-communication happening even before a single word is spoken.

This takes place through energy.

This fact is much more obvious with sexual energy. If your words aren’t infused with sexual energy or aren’t aligned with the sexual energy you feel inside, they’ll only feel dry.

The entire interaction remains intellectual instead of becoming sexual.

Even if you’re feeling sexual energy inside, if your words don’t align with it or aren’t infused with sexuality, then the interaction loses all its crucial magnetic aspects.

It’s like there’s a wall preventing the exchange of sexual energy between you and the other person.

Magnetic communication is always aligned with the energy you feel inside. Your words will only be magnetic when aligned with this energy; otherwise, they’ll be empty or non-magnetic.

That’s why understanding what your energy is doing and what you’re communicating is paramount for all magnetic interactions.

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Aligning the subconscious with the conscious

Last week, I wrote about a quote from Neville Goddard that caught my attention:

“The subconscious is what a man is. The conscious is what a man knows.”

If you reflect on your everyday life, you’ll realize how true this is.

Think about why you do the things you do throughout the day. You have certain impulses that push you into action. Even actions we consider very rational and logical are often driven by unconscious urges.

Our behavior is mostly influenced by our unconscious rather than our conscious mind.

The struggle between your subconscious and conscious (we might even say it’s a struggle between several subconscious drives) is evident in simple events in your life.

However you want to frame it, this is visible from simple events in your life. You might want to lose weight but find yourself reaching for junk food. You might desire a romantic relationship, yet feel anxious just talking to potential partners. You might aim to exercise more, but find laziness holding you back. And so on.

All these conflicts arise from the battle within ourselves between the conscious and the subconscious.

**Ultimately, what we desire is harmony between the subconscious and the conscious.**

The challenge lies in understanding our subconscious mind and how it communicates with us. Often, we only sense its effects, making it difficult to enact change.

Your subconscious can be reshaped once you comprehend it, especially its underlying motivations and impulses.

Without this understanding, you’re bound to face ongoing conflict.

At Charisma School, we approach this by raising awareness of our energy. By deeply connecting with our energy and body, we uncover its hidden motivations. Instead of relying solely on intellect and conscious thought, we seek to unite and synchronize the conscious with the unconscious through energy.

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You are your subconscious

Here’s an interesting quote from Neville Goddard:

“Consciousness includes a subconscious as well as a conscious part. The infinitely greater part of consciousness lies below the sphere of objective consciousness. The subconscious is the most important part of consciousness. It is the cause of voluntary action. **The subconscious is what a man is. The conscious is what a man knows.** The conscious and subconscious are one, but the subconscious is greater than the conscious.

The subconscious is that in which everything is known, in which everything is possible, to which everything goes, from which everything comes, which belongs to all, to which all have access.

What we are conscious of is constructed out of what we are not conscious of. Not only do our subconscious assumptions influence our behavior but they also fashion the pattern of our objective existence. They alone have the power to say, “Let us make man—objective manifestations—in our image, after our likeness.”

The whole of creation is asleep within the deep of man and is awakened to objective existence by his subconscious assumptions. Within that blankness we call sleep there is a consciousness in unsleeping vigilance, and while the body sleeps this unsleeping being releases from the treasure house of eternity the subconscious assumptions of man.”

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