We are not projecting pure energy

We often think that we are projecting or channelling pure sexual energy.

Like we can connect with the pure source of sexual energy – or whatever energy we are connecting with.

But that’s not exactly right.

As much as we would like to think that we are channelling pure energy, we’re not. It’s always tainted in some way by our own energy.

Which means that my sexual energy is different yours. Not better or worse, just different.

We could be both be doing the exact same exercises, yet I would be getting a different type of attraction than you.

And that’s ok. It’s completely expected.

When I’m doing the exercises to develop sexual energy I naturally mix it up with my own natural energy, which has its own qualities.

My energy could be active or more soft or quiet and so forth. It can have different characteristics. That’s why the end result of the sexual energy that I’m developing will be different.

But there are common traits to sexual energy; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to say it’s sexual energy or wouldn’t have any sexual effects.

My sexual energy could be more of passionate and loving nature and yours much more raw and animalistic. Either way it’s good, since it’s based on your own natural energy.

We can change these qualities, although the easiest and more straightforward path is to go along with our natural tendencies.

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The power of desire

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Desire is the great inciting power of the mind. Desire is “that which incites to action.” And you always act upon the strongest desire—subject always to the restraining influence of the reason, and the restricting or impelling influence of the will.

Desire originates in the sub-conscious regions of the mind, and often we can feel her there, before she emerges into consciousness, stirring us up with feelings of vague discontent and unrest. After a bit, gathering enough force, she emerges into the conscious field, and then begins to demand expression.

Now remember, that when I say desire, I mean all kinds of desire, high and low. Many people think of desire as only the craving of a low nature, but desire really means a feeling that wants something—and that something may be the very highest aspiration of the human mind.

Now, this desire in all of its manifestations has a mighty power of attraction and influence. It manifests as the Law of Mentative Attraction which is constantly drawing toward us the things we desire, and also drawing us toward them. Not only is this true on the conscious plane, but even on the subconscious. Our desires constitute our nature, and our nature is always operating the mighty power of Mentative Attraction.

The trouble with the most of us is that we allow our Desire Force to be scattered, and diffused, thereby lessening its attractive power. It is only when we learn the secret of concentration and focusing the Desire Force by the will that we are able to get results above the average. The will is the director and controller of the Desire Force, and upon its training and management depends the powerful use of the latter.

Desire Force not only has its effect upon the person, and others near him, but it may be, and often is, sent for
thousands of miles where it affects and influences others, in ways. Desire Force is the mighty force which makes many of the phases of Mind Power possible. It spreads out from the mind of the person affecting and influencing others even at other parts of the world, if concentrated and directed by the will. It is a force beside which the Xray and electricity fade into insignificance. It moves not merely blind, lifeless things, but the living minds, thoughts, emotions, passions and actions of men.

It is the force that rules the world, and its destinies. Like any other great natural force it is capable of being used for good or evil. It is neither good nor evil—it is either or both, according to the mind in which it originates.

What phase of mental effort is more apt to be a motive force— the cold, lifeless thought about an abstract metaphysical proposition, or a mathematical problem, on the one hand; and a warm vital wave of “feeling,” emotion or passion, such as love, hate, ambition, aspiration, courage and desire on the other? And remember that these last mentioned all belong to the “feeling” side of the mind, and all are manifestations of
elementary desire.

Desire is at the bottom of all feeling. Before we can love or hate, there must be desire. Before we can have ambition or aspiration there must be desire. Before we can manifest courage and energy there must be desire. Desire for something must underlie all life action—desire conscious or subconscious.

Abstract thought is a cold, bare thing, lacking vitality and warmth — desire is filled with life, throbbing, longing, wanting, craving, insisting, and ever pressing outward toward action.Desire indeed is the phase of our mental action that is a motive force.”

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Actions vs reactions

At a certain moment when you are learning inner power and magnetism, you understand an important aspect of guiding your life.

You don’t want to react. You want to act!

If we can sum up inner power in one sentence, this would be a great candidate.

That’s what inner power is all about.

Most problems steam from reaction. You react to your inner voice, to what other people do, to events and so on.
When you react, you are not consciously thinking. You are following your unconscious instincts.

They may be good…as for example, it’s important that you react quickly when you hear a horn as you are crossing the street. You may get run over. Or that you immediately remove your hand as you touch a hot surface.

Those are good reactions.

But on most of your everyday life, you don’t have such immediate dangers that need the quick reaction times of your unconscious. At least for most of us.

You need to learn how to ACT, instead of react.

When you act, you are conscious and aware. Your actions come from a place of power – connected to the Will.

A reaction is not connected to the Will. Is linked to survival, to instinct. If your unconscious has been serving you well, then it won’t be a big problem. But I’m sure that in certain situations, your reactions have not been the most suited ones.

Such as bringing you anxiety when there’s no life threatening danger. Or behaving in a weak way in front of other people and so on.

Those are all symptoms of reactions you have to certain events.

As you keep developing inner power, these reactions will decrease, and your conscious, wilful actions increase.

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