Charisma School offers online courses in Personal Magnetism, Magnetic Gaze, Sexual Energy, Energy Science, Mind Power and Communication.

If you are unsure where to start and want a solid training path, you can follow the recommended training paths.

Personal Magnetism


This is the initial course to develop your charisma and personal magnetism. It’s the first out of three courses on how to be charismatic.

You’ll exponentially improve your Confidence, Inner Power, and Leadership abilities. Learn how to develop your power in interpersonal relationships.

It’s a very practical course; 95% of the exercises are missions to be done with people in your everyday life.

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Personal Magnetism Cover


On the 10 Steps to Self-Confidence and Inner Power course we started to develop internal aspects of ourselves, our Inner Power and Will. In this course, we’re focusing on the external aspects of Personal Magnetism.

You develop a magnetic voice, mastery of your personal space, magnetic touch, external vibrations and so on. You can change the way you walk, talk, move, touch to having a magnetic and stronger impact on others. You can find in this course a complete body and mind training for Personal Magnetism.

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Magnetic Gaze


This online course is the one that started it all. It’s the absolute necessary course to develop a Magnetic Gaze. All the other more advanced techniques and uses have this one as their basis.

In here you’ll transform your eyes into powerful tools to influence, attract and inspire others.

All those who developed a Magnetic Gaze started with this course.

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This new course picks up where the Foundations left off.

This is a step up over the first course and allows you to take your Magnetic Gaze to a whole new level of power.

Not only will your gaze become stronger but you are also introduced to new areas of energy development that increase your personal magnetism.

Only available for buyers of the Magnetic Gaze Level 1 Foundations.


In this course we dive much deeper into the development of your energy. You learn an exclusive methodology on how you can work with different types of energy.

This is the course that teaches you the different energetic qualities of the gaze and making it much more subtle, so you can choose which kind of energy you want to project.

Only available for buyers of the Magnetic Gaze Level 2 Awareness.

Sexual Energy


This course is designed to transform you into a sexually magnetic person, capable of attracting and seducing any woman. With it, you’ll learn how to appeal to a woman unconscious mind with the development and use of sexual energy.

Put aside all the patterns, routines, jokes, and start to get women naturally attracted to you.

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This is our most important and breakthrough program to discover and release the sexual energy you have inside of yourself in a way to transforms you into a naturally sexual person who elicits sexual reactions in all those around you.

No projections, no techniques, just a pure increase of sexual energy.

This training, by combining the ancient teachings of sexual energy with the more recent approaches of subtle energy, allows us to address not only the individual psyche but the entire energetic system as well.

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Until now, Charisma School didn’t had a training solely dedicated to full out sexual energy development for women.

One that goes into the depths of your energy body, removes all the sexual blocks and start to radiate this sexual energy more powerful than before.

On this training you’re going on a journey to become aware of your own sexual energy, to increase it and release the sexual blocks that are preventing you to create a powerful Sexual Energy that attracts everyone to you.

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This training takes you to become a natural in projecting sexual energy. Each sentence you utter, each gaze and each touch are filled with sexuality, making sexual attraction easy and natural.

With this training you can remove deep rooted energetic, physical and mental blocks that prevent this projection to come out.

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Energy Science


On this training you dissolve the bodily and energetic internal blocks through a structured process that force the negative energy to come out of you. These internal blocks are restricting you physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Once you destroy them you can experience freedom and well-being from the negative anxious feelings that bound you before.

This easy process allow you to tap into your natural ability to dissolve whatever negative feelings and energy you may have, whether or not you are presently aware of them, so you can feel confident, calm and in control in any situation.

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This is the training which goes in depth into the practice of energy in general. It’s the perfect course for those who need a sure fire way to learn how to handle energy in their body, as well as developing vitality.

You’ll learn how to handle two types of Tension Energy as well as techniques for “resetting” your energy body to the energy that it suits you best.

Increasing your vitality and optimizing the energy flow in your body is the main objective of this training.

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This is an in-depth training to know and apply the 10 Energy Laws that help you understand and master any type of energy. The goal is to use a step-by-step structured process to ensure your mastery over your energy body increases tenfold.

Whether your main objective is to become more magnetic or to gain a more profound knowledge of your energy body and its workings to use in any spiritual work, this training gives you the necessary energetic and practical awareness.

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Mind Power


William Walker Atkison said: “In all conflicts between men, the strongest Will wins the day. The struggle may be short, or it may be long, but the end is the same always — the man of the strongest Will wins”. The Will is the foundational super-power that makes everything else work like it’s on turbo. Whatever skill you want to develop, goal you want to attain, or influence you want to have, it becomes more powerful with a strong Will.

This course goes deep into the Will and its training, including a master development of the Will State.

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This is the most powerful mind training ever created. In this course you can learn powerful techniques and processes never before shared to optimize your own mind, focus and Will. For the first time you can learn the powerful Tratak 7 Stage Process that develops your mind power to a high degree. You can also learn advanced mind/body control techniques which take your Will to the next level.

Your influence and overall Will become exponentially stronger since the intensity of your energy and mind is increased tenfold

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Have you ever wondered why some people just keep having good (and lucky!) events happening to them while others just seem to have all the bad luck in the world? As you might expect, magnetism can influence what you attract to your life. Manifestation is not a magic technique, nor is it simply positive thinking. It’s a precise set of principles and energy techniques defined by the old hermeticists and brought back by New Thought authors.

Now, in this training, you are able to master this art, step by step.

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The ability to establish a great connection and empathy through a conversation will very often separate the successful from those who are not successful in every area of their life. This is a smaller (5 weeks) training course with the goal of improving your conversation and interaction skills.

Not only can you easily develop empathy and rapport, but you also focus on having interactions with impact in a way that allows you to always establish great connections with those around you!

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In this book you are able to learn the basic principles and teachings of Charisma School in an organized and easy to understand format.

In this book, all the principles are well defined. You are able to understand quite clearly what is charisma and personal magnetism and how you can develop it, as well as the main exercises and practices used to develop the 4 Pillars of Charisma.

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This book exposes the full workings of sexual energy: what is it, how it works and how you can develop your raw sexual attraction.

Sexual Energy is surrounded by misconceptions that are preventing many individuals to become sexually magnetic. Understand the difference between sexual energy and desire, the role of ejaculation, and how projection actually works.

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