Become a Sexual Man
Unblock your Path to EXPLOSIVE Sexual Magnetism

Turn Into a Sexually Amplified Version of Yourself By Provoking EXTREMELY HIGH
sexual energy in Women Around You!

You could say the exact same lines a master seducer would, yet not have the result you would expect.

Or someone could give you the most powerful seduction tool in their arsenal, yet, the odds are, it would fail the same way.

And there’s a good reason for that.

All communication has a strong, energetic component.

It’s not just your words or your tonality or physiology. Energy is the one thing that plays MASSIVE parts in your interactions and will give you the precise tonality and physiology without you having to think about it.

Seduction and attraction are no exceptions.

In fact, energy has an even more prominent role in sexual attraction.

I would go as far as to say it’s 99% of your communication!

That’s why I place such a massive emphasis on it!

This program gives you full access to that energetic component.

After going through Become a Sexual Man, you will be able to embody the relaxed, carefree, casual, sexually magnetic male you are inside and emanate that to every woman in your gravitational pull.

You take the raw sexual energy power you have inside and release it onto the world!

Stop focusing on the words. Your RESULTS will come from your energy!

This is training uniquely focused on energy methods that work anytime, anywhere, no matter who you are.

We have been sitting on a treasure chest of epic proportions, and with “Become a Sexual Man,” we’re going to open up the treasure chest and let you take out the gold coins!

The secret to sexual magnetism is very straightforward, and you can learn it right now!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside “Become a Sexual Man”

  • How to develop a mind infused with sexual energy
  • Develop the “million dollars sexual voice,” an invaluable tool in any man’s toolbelt!
  • Learn the Energy Unblocking Process to uncover all your sexual energy blocks
  • How to recognize sexuality beyond words, as it’s something that you FEEL, not something that you hear or see
  • How to stop the personal sabotage that prevents you from being magnetic
  • Establish a sexual expressiveness in your communication that will allow you to attract women in any social situation in a bar, at work, or with friends.
  • Learn the most powerful technique to infuse yourself with sexual energy
  • Reboot your sexual identity
  • Learn the secrets to being sexual constantly, every single time
  • Step-by-step method (with video examples!) to identify sexual energy in others and its primary sources of projection
  • How to handle the underlying thoughts (the so-called “parent thoughts”) that rule your behavior
  • What is the difference between the sexual energy projection of Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Depp?
  • Learn the two steps that underlie ALL the sexual energy projections
  • Develop a voice, a gaze, a face, and a touch that resonate deeply with sexual energy
  • How to make someone feel highly sexual just by talking about any random topic
  • Learn to love and fully accept sexual energy!
  • Infuse your aura with sexual energy so that everyone can feel your sexuality
  • Transform yourself into a sexually magnetic individual
  • Discover the details of sexual attraction that no one else has paid attention to.
  • Accelerate your sexual energy learning curve into warp drive because more women will be interacting with you.
  • Balance y?our nervous system in the presence of sexual energy
  • How to stop trying too hard and talk in a sexually impactful way that gets her experiencing your sexual energy more and more
  • You will feel sexual energy from selected video examples of sexually magnetic individuals.
  • Empower you with the tools you need to make a lasting impact on women around you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this training all about?

Become a Sexual Man is the third training in the sexual energy series and is designed to work on the natural projection of your sexual energy and the blocks preventing you from becoming truly sexual.

The main goal here is to make sure that at the end of the course, you are projecting intense sexual energy that magnetically attracts women

For that, you will work not only on your projection but also on the blocks preventing your voice, gaze, face, touch, and aura, from being infused with sexuality. A new sexual identity is created that accommodates you as a sexual man.

What is the natural projection?

Natural projection is the quality (and quantity) of the energy you are projecting without effort.

This is what allows, for example, to get sexual attraction from women while you’re doing something else completely unrelated.

They approach you!

But don’t get me wrong.

Achieving natural projection takes effort. You will require to be conscious of it for a while. But once this energy enters your communication style, it will be 100% natural.

What's the difference between this training and SEM or SM?

On Sexual Magnetism, you have an overall work on sexual energy, emphasizing focused sexual energy projection-type techniques. It’s an “all-in-one training” that encompasses all the distinct phases for those who only need an overview of the process.  

On Sexual Energy Mastery, you understand and learn how to work with sexual energy. You work on your awareness and internal energy blocks for energy circulation and accept this energy inside of you.

This training – “Become a Sexual Man” – focuses mainly on your natural projection sources to externalize your sexual energy. You work on your voice, gaze, face, touch, overall energy, and deeper emotional and energetic blocks.

Who is this training NOT for?

If you took the Sexual Energy Mastery or the Sexual Magnetism training and can effectively project your energy without any blockages and elicit sexual reactions from women, you can safely skip this advanced course.

This is mainly for those who have blocks in externalizing their energy. If you feel the sexual energy inside but don’t feel it projected to the outside in your voice, gaze, and so on, this is for you.

The main goal is for you to get rid of this barrier that stops sexual energy from being projected to the outside and felt by others.

How long does the course last?

Although the training is scheduled for 10 weeks (in 10 lessons), it’s unlikely you will be able to finish in this time frame. How long the training lasts depends on your time investment.

How much time per day is needed?

Depending on the lessons, you will have more or less time each day. For example, the first part of the course (first 5 lessons) will probably take you a few hours to accomplish on different days, but you won’t need to repeat them once it’s done.

Most of this training is composed of “training wheels” exercises. When you reach a higher level, you won’t need to do them again, just like the training wheels on learning to ride a bike. Once you can ride it, you can take them off.

How's the training structured?

The training is structured into 10 lessons. Each lesson builds on the previous one, so it’s not recommended to skip ahead and do the last lessons before the first ones.

Due to the sensitive nature of sexual energy concepts, it’s essential to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. So our email support is crucial. Please don’t attempt to do it alone. It’s a recipe for disaster.

What kind of exercises are there?

Depending on which lesson you are in, there are different kinds of exercises.

Generally, the first part of the training (first 4 lessons) handles the overall energetic and emotional blocks, and the second part (remaining lessons) handles the projection aspect.

Do I need to continue the exercises after the course is over?

No! Once you have unblocked the projection of sexual energy in your projection sources, you can choose not to do more exercises. If you keep using sexual energy daily, you won’t need to take more time out of your day for training.

Is there any pre-requisite to this training?

Yes. We can’t possibly teach everything about sexual energy in one course, then “Sexual Energy Mastery” is fundamental to the successful completion of this course. There are many foundational concepts spoken in that courses that won’t be repeated in Become a Sexual Man, yet, they are essential to completion. That’s why we only make it available to current Sexual Energy Mastery students.

We assume that you are aware of sexual energy, have worked with its main energetic blocks, and know how to elicit it (which is trained on “Sexual Energy Mastery”).

I won’t advise anyone to start Become a Sexual Man without having completed “Sexual Energy Mastery.” 

We also won’t discuss several concepts of inner power that are fundamental for sexual energy taught and trained in the 10 Steps to Inner Power. You might also want to go deeper into the concept of energy with the “Vitality and Energy Training” – although this is an optional requirement, it will help you considerably to understand energy concepts. 

How will it start?

Once you purchase the training, you’ll immediately be guided to the Charisma School Training Academy, where the first two lessons are ready for you to watch and apply. So you can start the training as soon as you purchase the training. The other lessons will be unlocked as you move through the training at a pace of one per week.

Is this training covered by the 30 day money back guarantee?

No. This training is not for beginners and is only open to current students. By this point, you already know what to expect from Charisma School courses. If you have any doubts about this course, it’s best if you don’t get it.

How to Enroll in “Become a Sexual Man”?

This course is only available to Charisma School students who own Sexual Energy Mastery or Sexual Magnetism. It’s NOT a beginner’s course and, hence, is unsuitable for those without experience with our methods or those who never worked with sexual energy.

Your investment in this course is only $197. Once your enrollment is successfully processed, you’ll have immediate access to the Member’s Area so you can start your course straight away with lesson 1. For your safety, the payment is made by Paypal. Paypal is a reputable online banking solution that handles all credit card information through a safe and secure processing page.

There are no recurring fees, no additional fees, and no hidden fees.

To enroll in this course and start to become a sexual man, login to your area of the Charisma School Training Academy, click “sign-Up Form,” and you’ll see the Become a Sexual Man ready to buy.

Let me say one last thing: If you ever want to become a sexual man, there is no better opportunity than this one right here! It’s up to you to take that action.

“Become a Sexual Man” is pure, it’s concise, it’s to the point, and it’s filled with some of the absolute best exercises and concepts that we have ever shared.

I am incredibly proud of this course. It’s something I wish I had in my life much earlier… and I am extremely excited to share it with you now.

I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, and I promise that in the end – you’ll come out a new person.

I’ll make sure of it!