How to Transform Any Interaction Into a Magnetic Interaction

There’s a breed of people among us whose outstanding achievements seem almost predestined. Their personal magnetism isn’t necessarily due to intelligence, hard work, or expertise. Instead, they get ahead because they connect. These new extraordinary individuals are communicators and conversationalists and know that magnetism must be learned.

They know they must learn how to connect with others in a way that creates an impact.

Personal magnetism is not just a single skill but a set of skillful behaviors and abilities that individuals use interactively as necessary. For example, if you observe world-class magnetic individuals, you must agree that one of their critical skills is masterful communication, where they connect and impact those with whom they talk – both formally and informally.

In this Charisma School course, you can discover how charismatic men use conversation as the key skill to create impact and empathy in those around them.

Magnetic Interactions it’s a 5 Week course designed to train you on establishing great connections, empathy, and rapport with those around you.

You’ll also develop enough awareness to discover and break the bad habits we all have in conversation with other people.

This will answer questions of:

“Why can’t I make friends?” “why it’s so hard to connect with people?” “how to have a meaningful conversation” “how can I connect with others just by talking?”

These are the conversation techniques to achieve more attunement with others and build respectful relationships. Unfortunately, nobody is a perfect conversationalist. We’ve all developed at least a few bad habits, many so automatic that we don’t even notice them.

With the tools I’m sharing, you’ll understand what’s happening in most of your conversations and fix these bad habits while constructing others that generate magnetic interactions wherever you go.

You Don’t Need to Take Time Out of Your Busy Schedule

Most of our videos are short and to the point and have specific exercises you can do during your day (you can also listen to them on your MP3 player). This has the double benefit of not having one more thing to add to your already loaded daily schedule and applying this knowledge in the real world, not in some fictional inner world. So you’ll test the techniques and do the exercises where it matters the most: in your daily life

Most likely, you already had the experience of trying some method you learned, yet you can’t make it work when you really need it. This won’t happen here since you’ll start immediately in your day-to-day life.

Practical Training – No Fluff!

The Magnetic Interactions course is very practical training – no fluff, gimmicks, or useless reading. The videos are useful and practical since this is the only way to get the results you are after. Just reading or listening to some tapes or DVDs will never significantly improve this skill. That’s like trying to get in shape by sitting on the couch and reading a book about bodybuilders.

Get Access to The Charisma School Training Academy

You gain lifetime access to our Training Academy, a platform only available to Charisma School students and where all our products are – and will be – stored. This is a unique platform that only CS students will have access to and allow a closer interaction and sharing of information. Join a global community of charisma students dedicated to becoming the best they can be. Gain access to the timeless wisdom of a living tradition.

Several Formats For The Best Training Experience!

All the material is distributed through video and MP3 files for an optimum training experience. All  videos are presented online to anyone who can stream video to a computer (if you can watch Youtube, you can watch these videos!). You can study this information as you prefer, at your own pace in your favorite space, from any computer, any location, at any time. View and review as many times as you like!

Email Support

We’ll also be available by email to answer any questions you might have. This is a crucial part of the training. Due to the experiential nature of this training, it will be tough to complete the training without the support of a qualified instructor. The system can sometimes have to be adjusted to fit someone’s needs, and that’s where we come in. We will work with you without any time limits until you reach the end of the Magnetic Interactions. Whether you take 1 month or 1 year to finish the course, we’ll guide you. It’s about YOUR result, not another useless product on your shelf.

How to enroll?

Your investment in this course is only $47. Once your enrollment is successfully processed, you’ll have immediate access to the Member’s Area so you can start your course immediately! For your safety, the payment is made by Paypal. Paypal is a reputable online banking solution that handles all credit card information through a safe and secure processing page.

There are no recurring fees, no additional fees, and no hidden fees. Once enrolled, you’re in for life! This special offer is available for a limited time, and the price will increase immediately.

To enroll in this course and develop Magnetic Interactions that create an impact on everyone around you, click the link below!