3 dangers of energy training

Today I wanted to bring your attention to three dangers that everyone doing Charisma School energy trainings may come across

1) The first is taking shortcuts in the training. It’s very easy to cut corners. You know that a certain skill or exercise is not yet well developed, you’re not fully aware of this energy aspect – or even fully understood it -, but you push through anyway.

What eventually happens is reaching an advanced stage without the foundations in place. This has the same result as building a house on top of quick sand. It will eventually crumble.

The most pressing issue is the frustration it brings when you start to practice energy techniques which are above your current skill.

Nothing seems to work. Giving up is the obvious solution at this phase.

To avoid it, take your time with the exercises. There’s no rush. Strive to understand why you are avoiding a particular exercise and why is this exercise placed at that point of the training. What’s the point of it and have you REALLY gotten it?

Be brutally honest with yourself!

2) The second is learning the tools but not really using them in the daily life. The exercises aren’t just for you to do at home for 20 minutes a day and forget about them.

You need to bring the tools for your life and actually apply them. Both the influencing techniques as well as the awareness techniques.

What’s the use of learning about energy, if you only pay any attention to it in the alternate reality of your practice time?

By doing it this way, it’s like the practice time is a compartmentalized activity that is completely separate from your daily life.

Of course, the benefits you’ll get are very limited this way.

What should happen is a complete integration of what you are learning in your own day to day life. That’s the only way it makes sense.

The exercises in themselves are not magical. They bring awareness over certain aspects of yourself. Now it’s up to you to use this awareness. It takes reflection, questioning and using a spotlight over yourself, your actions and the people you come across.

The more you bring what you are discovering during the exercises to your daily life, the more benefits you’ll get out of it.

3) And you’ll notice that as you bring this awareness to your daily life you are now affected by people, situations and things that you weren’t affected before. Things that didn’t bother you that much before, now bother you a lot! You feel it a lot stronger.

This may seem like a backward progress. You may think you’re getting worse instead of getting better!

And that’s a serious danger, because the opposite is the truth. What happens is that as you get more sensitive, you indeed become more affected by these negative events in your life (and the positive ones as well!).

You immediately spot the snake around you, while before you only notice it AFTER this person back stab you!

You immediately become aware of a negative space as you enter it, while before you would feel drained when you got home at the end of the day.

This may take a while to get used to and you may consider it as a negative thing in the beginning, after all, you were feeling great and all of a sudden you feel a surge of negativity.

But when you start to understand and relate it to the environment that you’re in, you can see what a huge advantage that is as it will prevent many problematic situations.

Energy awareness and control is a great tool for your life, but you sure need to know how to use it!

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