remote influence

Principles of distance influence

Here's an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson: "The general public are familiar in a general way with the phenomena of hypnotism, and to a lesser degree with the phenomena of Fascination in its more common forms of Personal Magnetism, etc. But as regards the...

Remote Energetic Influence

I've often receive emails of students wanting to learn about remote energetic influence. This is about using your energy to influence others while you're not in their presence, so the normal sources of magnetism don't apply here. You can't exactly use your voice, or...

Remote Sexual Influence

Here's an interesting question from a student: "If I fantasize on a real person, does that mean I am also remotely sending sexual energy to them?" Remote influence is a different topic than imagination or visualization. If all it would take is some simple imagination...

Remotely Sending Sexual Energy

Here's an interesting question from a student:"Can you remotely send sexual energy to someone?" Yes, you can. I'm just not sure if it will bring the effects you desire. The mere fact of "sending sexual energy to someone" remotely, won't make them attracted to you. It...

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