There’s nothing wrong in taking the back seat

There's a misunderstanding about magnetism and being a leader. It's true that personal magnetism make people look at you as a leader. That's one of the good side effects. In fact, it's your duty to lead, when you know you're going to do the best job of that group....

Become the alpha lion

There's an interesting phenomena in the animal world. If a dozen lions meet in the jungle, very soon one lion will stand out as the alpha. The one that will have the first choice at the food and mate. All the others are submitted to him. Sometimes there is a battle...

Does a crowd has magnetism?

Here's an interesting question from a student: "Does a crowd or group has magnetism?" Yes! For sure. A group of people has its own magnetism and energy. The combined energy of the individuals in a crowd transforms into its own unique energy. Then it get its own unique...

Are you automatically a leader with magnetism?

Here's an interesting question from a reader: "If you have magnetism are you automatically a leader?" With magnetism you are more prone for people to look up to you in what to do, but it won't automatically make you a leader. You also need to step up to the role....

7 Qualities of an Irreplaceable Charismatic Leader

In this article, I will show you seven qualities of a charismatic leader that you can use to become more charismatic and lead any group of people. Of course, this is not a comprehensive and exhaustive list. Still, it's enough to give you an edge and become an...

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