Repeating the same patterns over and over again

Awareness tends to be very unrecognized. What's the use of it? Why should I care about being aware of my energy, my thoughts, my emotions? It seems like it's not that big deal, but it's probably the most crucial aspect of all personal magnetism. You can't fix what you...

What is your current level of energy awareness?

At any moment in life, we have a level of awareness and consciousness that determine what you are aware in your daily living. If you are a clock maker you are going to notice many details about the clocks you see in your daily life that simply go unnoticed to everyone...

Effects of Smoking on Sexual Awareness

Here's an interesting question from a student: "I don't smoke often but today I smoked and then after that I could feel the energy moving in my body very vividly. I know that smoking is not good in terms of magnetism but can it help initially to feel the energy...

The biggest secret of all mystical masters

In Charisma School we have many trainings that rely on awareness.You may think this is fully unnecessary and you are already completely aware of everything inside and outside of you, but it couldn't be further from the truth. I've been doing awareness practices for 15...

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