Improve Brain Power With Whole Brain Training – Week 4

This is the final week of the brain training ecourse! I hope you have enjoyed this course. I tried to provide you with many tools, exercises and techniques that you can use to improve brain power and really make a good syncronization between your left and brain...

Brain Enhancement with Whole Brain Training – Week 3

This third week will be dedicated to brain enhancement and health in terms of nutrition, sleep and supplements. I'll also tell you one thing you can do to immediately to increase your productivity and brain activation during your work. It will not only improve YOUR...

Boost Brain Power With Whole Brain Training – Week 2

This week I'll dwelve into activities that boost brain power. If you are going to chose a hobby, might as well choose one that it's good for the brain to keep it active and stimulated. Hobbies that require the use of several differences senses in non-routine ways and...

Increase Brain Power With Whole Brain Training Week 1

Here's what you'll get by developing more brain power: More mental energy: you'll be able to perform tasks for longer periods of time. More mental energy will translate in longer periods of concentration, ability to perform many different activities and feeling more...

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