The 3 Foundational Energy Movements

Once you start to work with energy, you learn the first three energy movements:

– Absorption (or internalization)

– Projection (or externalization)

– Internal flow

These are foundational energy movements that all energy worker must understand and master.

Pretty much everyone is capable of moving his or her own energy and to unblock its flow for a better mood and well being.

By using them frequently you are able to better balance yourself.

The downside is that it does require practice and some assistance to make sure you are doing it correctly.

The first energy movement – absorption – is the one you use mostly to absorb the energy from your surrounding environment.

You can use it often on breathing or other energy exercises to feed your body with the precious energy.

The second energy movement – projection – is the most common on our personal magnetism type of work.

You externalize a chosen type of energy to your environment and the people who surround you.

And finally, the third energy movement – the internal flow – can be used in many different situations.

My favorite is using it as a reboot of your own physical, mental and energetic bodies. By using a technique like the Up and Down Energy Movement taught on the Vitality and Energy Training you can clean yourself up energetically and give you the necessary boost of mental vigor and vital force.

This is a technique that is not often noticed but it’s probably one of the most powerful ones we have in our toolbox. This is often due to it’s difficulty in doing it right and so it’s easily discarded.

Each of these energy movements have its own purpose and objectives, but they are all foundational.

In other words, other techniques can build on them and use them for specific objectives not only in personal magnetism but also in healing or generalized well being.

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