A block is not only an obstacle

Once you begin exploring your body and energy, you’re bound to discover blocks – places inside of you where the energy isn’t flowing as it should, like a roadblock on a highway.

Let’s paint a scenario: imagine you’re in a business meeting, and suddenly you feel your heart strongly contracting. It’s a powerful sensation that makes you want to run away, creating an internal conflict. On one hand, you need to stay in the meeting, since your job depends on it. On the other hand, a strong inner force prompts you to escape.

This internal conflict leads to repressed energy, often a small step away from a panic attack.

Our proposal is simple: examine these blocks, become aware of them, and integrate them. By doing so, you’ll dissolve this internal conflict. The natural outcome? An expansive surge of energy—a magnetic unification of your being.

Throughout history, humans have intuitively grasped that everything in nature serves a purpose, has a function, and moves toward a goal. This understanding has existed for a long time.

A block is no exception.

They’re not mere relics of the past; they harbor future intentions they’re trying to push us toward. They are saying something isn’t right within our path.

A block is saying: “look at this!” and it’s pointing straight at it. And you need this integration to accomplish your purpose.

Take the example of the stomach contracting, urging you to escape the meeting. Why does your body want you to avoid it? What future goal is it pushing you towards? Perhaps avoiding being fired?

Although the reasons can be many, let’s consider a real-life example where a person, upon examining the block, realized it was related to their job. The energy rebelled against their everyday work, using the block to signal, “Run away.”

In fact, once we started to explore that block, we found that this person abandoned a career as a musician to find a desk, corporate job at their spouse’s request. But now, everything inside rebelled against that – outside his conscious awareness.

He decided to quit his job and try music again… and lo and behold… the block vanished, no more panic attacks. This led to significant life changes, including a divorce, but ultimately, he was right where he was supposed to be.

It’s only after we start to observe our blocks, really feel and acknowledge them, that we understand we don’t know ourselves.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll identify your fundamental drives – what truly moves you in life, often in contrast to what you “think” you want.

So don’t think of a block as a simple obstacle to overcome; see it as a tool that, while causing pain and dysfunction aims to expand your self-awareness and ignite the profound changes essential to your soul’s core.

So, next time you feel a block, pay attention. Your body and energy are speaking. Listen closely; they might just guide you toward your true purpose.

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