A checklist of magnetic behaviors

I would like to list all the behaviors you need to have to be magnetic.

A checklist like:
– smile more
– maintain an open posture at all times
– make direct eye contact
– and so on…

Unfortunately, this list won’t be very useful to you. Most likely, you have tried maintaining those behaviors at one time or another during your life. Maybe you still do.

Do they make you more magnetic? Not at all.

Maintaining any external behaviors without internal energy is quite challenging.

As much as I would like to tell you that all you need to do is smile more and have an open posture, magnetism goes much deeper than this.

It’s about knowing yourself, your energy, and your barriers.

Good luck projecting sexual energy and being sexually magnetic with heavy sexual blocks in feeling that energy.

It’s simply not happening.

The problem is in your internal blocks, not your external behaviors. These are a symptom, a reaction.

You are not already magnetic due to your own blocks and barriers. It’s NOT about your lack of magnetic behaviors. It’s also NOT about lacking secret energetic techniques.

If you don’t actually become aware of your own blocks to this energy circulating inside of you, the chances of consistently being magnetic are pretty slim.

Your own barriers are the obstacle.

Start dissolving your barriers with the course:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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