A New Charismatic You

The change with Charisma School trainings is a profound one. New ways of being and handling yourself are beingcreated.In other words, we’re creating a new self. You discard several aspects of the old self that are causing you to have the kind of bad results you are currently having, and embrace new aspects that are more conductive to better results.

What students often don’t realize is that an actual change in yourself must take place. The training it’s not merely new knowledge getting inside of your head and doing a few exercises… a change must actually take place.

If you are too attached to the bitching and complaining of your inner voice and you won’t let go of it, then actual change can’t take place, hence your results will suffer.

And you may ask: “But Bruno, who on their right mind doesn’t want to let go of these kind of negative aspects?”

You would be surprised. You may even be one of them. I sure was.

Don’t you have some aspects of yourself that you aren’t willing to let go? Maybe it’s being always in the comfort zone, maybe it’s not liking challenges, maybe it’s a nervous answer to anxiety, maybe it’s avoiding to displease people.

On many cases we aren’t even aware of these kind of aspects of ourselves until we start with some of the exercises. It’s very common to discover these kind of things in the 10 Steps. It’s even more common to discover the kind of reasons people create to themselves to avoid real change.

In my younger days, there was a time where I got myself into a demanding job under a rude boss. I was in bad working conditions. But somehow I kept justifying it for myself: “I’m lucky to have found this, most of my colleagues are out of work”, or “It will be hard to find another job in this economy, I better stick with it”.

So I had all these justifications for sucking up the abuse. I complained about this to Fabricio, that regardless of what technique I tried, nothing would work with rude boss. I kept on talking for a while, and he let me talk.

After I told him everything, I asked him for a more powerful technique to work on my boss.

He didn’t gave me any technique. Instead he said:

“Quit your ****** job and NEVER AGAIN allow yourself to get into this kind of situation! No magnetic technique will ever work for you if you don’t respect yourself enough to face people and situations!”

This was an AHA moment! Until this point, I kept on thinking this kind of charisma work was mostly a few exercises to do, and somehow, a miraculous energy will make everything work better.

I didn’t realize I actually needed to change certain aspects of myself!

To be powerful, to be charismatic, to be magnetic, you can’t accept certain kind of situations, nor have certain kind of behaviors – especially submissive behaviors. And if you don’t actively start to act differently than you did your whole life, nothing else will work for you.

Yes, there’s a real change in your personality. If you want to get different results than you’d be having until now, your SELF must change as well. Which means you must let go of things that were fully comfortable for you in the past and embrace the unknown.

New behaviors, new thoughts, new actions… in short a new YOU!

Start your charisma journey to a new Charismatic YOU with the “10 Steps to Inner Power” training:


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