A new word for you – Invogliare

There is a very curious Italian verb: “Invogliare”.

It’s described in a Dictionary as: “to inspire a will or desire. To invogliare anyone is to awake in him the will or the ability or capacity, an earnest longing or appetite, an ardent wish, to bring into action a man’s hankering, solicitude, yearning, ardor, predilection, love, fondness and relish, or aught which savors of  Willing.”

The English word, Inveigle, is derived from it, but there’s no word precisely corresponding to it which so generally sets forth the idea of inspiring a will in another person.

“Suggestion” is far more general and vague.

Now if you can “invogliare” yourself, in other words, if you can inspire your Will to do something you really want… you can raise above all the anxiety, nervousness, and actually do it.

How much better off will you be if you can actually do all the things that you want to do?

How much would your life change?

To have the ability to “invogliare” ourselves, to raise a great Will above anything else, and just do the things we want to do.

The Will is a powerful mechanism that can transform your life. But now just your life… others too!

The role of the Will was well known even in the primordial medicine.

Paracelsus regarded medicine as magic and the physician as a wizard who should by a powerful Will act on the imagination of the patient.

It was found in the older primordial books that best healers usually have a strong Will, cultivated by decades of experience. You can watch their Will in action when they deal with a patient.

It doesn’t matter if they are western doctors, massage therapists, healers, and so on.

But I’m sure you can also remember a doctor from your experience with little or no Will; who couldn’t act upon you – his/her patient – even if he was the only doctor alive.

There’s plenty of examples of the importance of the Will and to “invogliare” yourself and others.

For today… remember the word: Invogliare!

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