How to use emotional nature in your favour

Yesterday we discussed how emotions come first, and only then, comes your thinking and rationalization. You learned how your emotion dominates you much more than you would like to believe. As much as of a bad thing that can be, it can also be a good thing! That's...

How to work with your emotions

An important principle for you to understand in personal magnetism and overall understanding of yourself is that first comes your emotions and feelings, and only then, comes your thinking and rationalization. We would like to consider ourselves as rational and logical...

Energy and Emotions – Two sides of a single coin

Here's an interesting question from a student? "How does your energy relate to your emotions? I'm asking this because when I feel certain emotions I also feel energy moving" Emotions and energy are two sides of a single coin. Emotions move energy the same way that...

You have emotions, but you are not your emotions

A common theme in all of us is that we all have emotions and feelings.No exceptions. One day you may feel on top of the world, almighty and powerful and the next day you're on a rut feeling like s***. Yes, that can happen and happens more often than any of us care to...

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