A Valuable Energy Skill

The training of sexual energy is more than simply becoming more sexually attractive.

I’m sure that’s your main goal, as it was mine.

But the knowledge you get with it is much more precious. You get the ability to change your own energy and what you are projecting to the outside world.

Let’s say that people usually see you as an angry person.

The fact is, if a lot of people say the same thing, this is in fact what you are projecting. Even if you don’t feel yourself as an angry person.

This projection is always composed of two components:

– Your energy

– Your projection sources (your gaze, face, touch, movement, etc)

If, instead of angry, you want people to perceive you in a much more sexual way, so that you get that sexual attraction you are looking for, you need to train both of these components.

You need to learn to accept and feel good with sexual energy inside of you. Let go of any resistance you might feel inside that is blocking the way to a free flow of sexual energy.


Be able to change what you transmit in your projection sources to make sure it’s in congruence with the sexual energy you feel inside.

This last part is usually even more challenging than working with sexual energy since it involves changing physiological patterns of how you interact with the world.

In other words, you want to change your touch, gaze, face, etc to be charged with sexual energy instead of whatever other energy you might be projecting.

But the best part of training this is that once you can do this process with sexual energy, then other types of energy are a lot easier.

Simply because you know how to change all the pieces now.

This is – in my humble opinion – the most valuable knowledge you can get.

The ability to change and adapt the energy you project to the outside world.

Now you might value sexual attraction, tomorrow you might value leadership. Hence, this skill is highly precious.

So the two steps are, first handling your internal energy (like what we do in Sexual Energy Mastery), then you handle your projection sources (as we do in the Become a Sexual Man training).

Once you can do that, you gain one of the most important skills you can have in our modern world.

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