Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“How do you attract someone when you are in an environment where you can’t be sexual, like work?”

There’s a heavy misunderstanding on this question.

You’re thinking that being sexual – in the way that we teach – is an overt type of situation.

Although it CAN be, But it doesn’t HAVE to be.

To be sexually magnetic, you don’t need to have movie like gentle and sexual movements – eg. eating a strawberry in a sexy way.

Or talking with sexual innuendo or using an overtly sexual voice.

Not at all.

Although that can be useful in the right situation, it’s not for your everyday life and normal interactions.

Once you’re aware of your own sexual energy, its use can be modulated from less intense to more intense, AS LONG AS, it’s actually present.

That’s the key.

As long as it’s there, then it can be very subtle. You can easily be a sexual person in a meeting with your boss or in a job interview without being obvious.

(Granted that you may have other problems, especially if you’re not interested in getting sexual attraction from those persons)

That’s what happens with sexually magnetic individuals. They can be sexual all the time, yet, they don’t need to have any overt sexuality.

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