Accepting or Resisting Sexual Energy

Sexual energy in itself only has sensory and soft type of feelings.

What happens afterward is your reactions to these sensory feelings.

So if you feel sexual energy as some kind of repressive, violent or intense manifestation, don’t associate it with sexual energy in itself.

This is your own reaction to it.

You can have different types of reactions to sexual energy based on how your were raised to feel it (whether consciously or unconsciously).

Some people may have the reaction of closing themselves down or repressing it or resisting it. Others to quickly release it. Others to be aggressive.

Once again, this is not sexual energy per se, but your own reactions to it.

As an example, think about adrenaline.

Some people simply LOVE and SEEK this feeling of adrenaline in their bodies.

They go bungee jumping, skydiving, and seek extreme forms of activity that raises the adrenaline levels in them.

Yet, the same exact chemical release on someone else can be hell on earth. It can be terrifying and enough to freeze them with fear.

It’s not about the chemical release, the hormone or the feeling, it’s about your own interpretation and reaction.

And this is something in your control that you can change.

Those adrenaline junkies feel the same adrenaline than you, but they have convinced themselves that it’s safe and fun, so what they feel – even though still intense – is manageable.

They welcome this feeling.

While you – if you are not a thrill seeker – might over emphasize the dangerous aspects of the activity and create an extreme fear reaction to it. So you try to avoid what you are feeling.

Your resist it.

Sexual energy has the same issue.

Sexually magnetic individuals have learned to completely accept and love this feeling of sexuality.

While those who are still not magnetic, consciously or unconsciously reject this feeling of sexual energy. They resist it.

Your training with sexual energy is to move past these habitual reactions that are holding you back from sexual abundance, and learn to fully accept them.

In Sexual Energy Mastery you learn to fully accept sexual energy inside of yourself, and on Become a Sexual Man you learn to fully accept sexual energy externally, on your projections, to make sure you are really projecting sexuality.

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