Achieve a Powerful Mental State

There’s an interesting exercise I often give my students to do.A simple mental state log.

All you need to do is to record your moods or states on an app, or on a simple notebook, in a daily basis using a scale of 1-10, where 10 is “I feel capable of moving the world with my bare hands” and 1 is “I barely have will to get out of bed”.

What everyone notices by doing this kind of log is their magnetism, charisma and even simple productivity is greater on those days where the mental states are higher.

You might say to me:

“Well Bruno, sorry to say but that’s very obvious”

Or the less cordial of you, might say:

“No s*it Sherlock! What a great deduction!”

And you would be right to be ironic. It seems a very simple and obvious discovery.

But because this is so simple, it’s hard to understand why most people are not focusing hard on their states, and their inner power, which is the main motivator for a powerful permanent mental state.

This is something under your control! Something that you can change and have a powerful mental state on at least 80% of your days.

How much more would you be able to achieve and become if on 80% of your days you were on 8 or above
on that mental state scale?

In fact, all Charisma School students have immediate access to the Act of Will bonus training, which teaches you specifically how to achieve a powerful Will state whenever you want to.

The same mental state used the Samurais in their most extreme ritual of Seppuku (suicide).

Together with the 10 Steps to Inner Power, you can build a strong mental state that can’t be defeated!

Get a powerful mental state with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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