Advanced Spiritual Practices

Sometimes I have students and readers of this newsletter emailing me about advanced spiritual techniques. Be it meditation experiences, advanced energy trainings and so on.

As good as they all may be, Charisma School in general focuses on practical day to day energy and magnetism training.

Techniques where you need many hours a day or months of isolated retreat practice have no place here.

Energy control is an important part of magnetism, as we keep on saying. But you don’t need to live alone in a mountain for three years in order to achieve this control.

All the techniques and results we speak of, can be achieved by a normal individual living in the real world, without having to become a full time spiritual practitioner.

Nothing wrong with being a full time spiritual practitioner if that’s what you want, but that’s NOT what we focus on.

So, we eliminate all type of techniques that require long hours of intensive practice which prevent a “normal” living in the world.

In other words, if a technique has as requirements something like avoiding social contact, sexual abstinence, isolation, intensive practice hours… then we don’t teach them.

Sure you may spend more time on exercises and techniques for a faster progress if your schedule allows, but remember that you can only truly understand the effects of your personal magnetism when you’re out in the world interacting with people.

It’s very easy to be charismatic when you’re all alone in your room or closed off in your own mind. It’s much harder when you have to interact with dozens of people every day.

That’s the only true test to your personal magnetism.

Our priority is in improving your life in the real world, and not in removing you from the real world.

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