The advantage of an energy master

Knowing how to use and manipulate energy can give you a big advantage in your life.

Energy is a hidden language that underlies everything you do.

For example, some event that happens in your life is only good or bad based on the energy movements that arise in your body.

Let’s say you got fired today. The only way you’ll know this is a bad event in your life is if something inside you makes you feel bad. If nothing inside of you makes you feel bad, then you won’t feel bad and won’t consider it such a bad event.

Now let’s say your cute colleague just accepted your invitation for a date. This is only a good event in your life if something inside you makes you feel good.

Both of these events, can be only be classified by good or bad based on what you arises in you.

The energy underlies everything.

The same with your external interactions.

You’ll know whether you are sexually interested in someone based on the sexual energy that arises as you interact with this person. You can call it “butterflies in the stomach” or something else, but a certain internal feeling arises.

Knowing how to control and manipulate these internal energy feelings and sensations can be extremely useful in your life.

For example, one CS student had intense junk food cravings that were ruining his health (and his weight). He learned to become aware of the energy that was arising with these cravings and then he was able to control them. He is now 100% cravings free and can maintain a healthy and steady diet. It didn’t took long either, he simply learned how to reeducate his internal energy system to dissipate these cravings.

The more you understand your internal energy system, how it works and how you can manipulate it, the more control you’ll have over all circumstances in your life.

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