Age Limit for Sexual Energy

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“Is there an age limit for using the sexual energy to create magnetism and attract sexual partners?

Are there any limitations?”

There are no age limitations as to when you can develop sexual energy and create magnetism.

It works from 8 to 88 years old.

Simply because it’s a natural energy and a natural way to attract.

It’s not a gimmick or a line that is only good for some young guy in a club.

It’s not a dressing style that is not fashionable anymore after a season.

It’s a natural energy anyone can develop.

Regardless of being male or female, young or old, ugly or beautiful.

As long as you’re willing to develop, sexual energy is there for you.

There’s even an added bonus for old age if you keep on practicing sexual energy: you forfeit the need for sexual stimulants and pills.

Even though the testosterone drop hits every man, you won’t necessarily have to be become sexually
affected if you know how to use and manipulate sexual energy inside of you.

You can just keep it flowing and use it as you see fit!

It’s an invaluable skill to learn for all your life.

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