Aggressiveness and integration

Regarding the last email about accepting yourself, a student asked me:

“what if what I am is something society doesn’t accept? For example, aggressive.”

That’s a valid point.

Naturally, we can’t express everything without considering others and societal rules. Aggressiveness is a prime example.

You can’t just go around punching everyone you want. Most likely, you’ll end up in jail or as an outcast in society.

But what if these aggressive impulses are within you and you can’t repress them? Then what?

Firstly, you need to become aware of them. Understand their origins and how they manifest within you.

In other words, grasp how this energy moves and what it does. Remember, aggressiveness, like any other trait, has associated energy movements, aspects, and qualities; you can learn about them.

Once you intimately know your aggression and understand its manifestation and origins, you can integrate it within yourself. The method of integration depends heavily on you.

Aggressiveness is linked to the masculine warrior archetype. You might think society has little use for warriors nowadays, but there are still outlets for this aggressive energy, especially if it aligns with your true personality.

Maybe you find a new sport, like boxing. Perhaps you explore a new profession, such as becoming a police officer, joining the military, or working as a bodyguard. You could even integrate it into an art form, and so on.

Regardless, it all revolves around being aware of it. Don’t reject or avoid it, and don’t blindly act on its impulses. Instead, become aware and integrate it, making it a part of yourself.

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