All the cool stuff relies on one thing

Projection, manifestation into physical reality, and many other interesting techniques and methods are dependent upon one very important key:

Your Will.

Pretty much all the “cool stuff” relies heavily on your Will and your intention.

Your Will is what is going to give you the necessary strength to actually accomplish everything else.

And working on your Will is like:

1) First learning to work with a particular muscle


2) Secondly increase the strength of this muscle.

Think about it… When you are a baby you are learning how you can grab things, how you can use your leg muscles to stand up, how to use your arms, in other words, how you can use your body and the different muscles from the very basics and broad actions to minute and detailed actions (like writing).

And you end up accomplishing it by trial and error during this learning phase.

Later on, you strengthen your muscles by repeating many of the tasks and then it ends up being quite natural for you to walk or to pickup something from the floor or to write with a pen – which is quite a precise activity.

With your Will, the exact same thing happens.

First you need to learn how you can use it, how you can connect with it, how you can use it to control different internal parts of your body – not just the muscular parts.

Just like when you were learning the different muscles, in here, it’s also important that you use your Will in different ways and not just in one.

You need to understand the broad range of actions of your Will.

After this, you strengthen it.

You repeat the same movements until its gets easier and effortless.

All of a sudden it’s not hard anymore! Using your Will in something that was once very hard for you, it’s now as hard as picking up an object from the floor… not at all!

But all this is a process.

You need to get to know your own potencial and what you can actually do with your Will (which is a lot!)… particularly inside of yourself, using it in your own body, mind and energy.

That’s the initial and essential training.

If you don’t explore inside of you, where you can get instantaneous feedback and know if something is working or not, then it’s a lot harder when you experiment with someone else.

Somehow you are able to externalize, project and manifest things into your external reality, yet, you can’t even control your own body?

That doesn’t happen very frequently.

First, understand your Will, strengthen it with things you can control a lot easier like your own body, mind and energy.

Then expand on it with projection and manifestation.

This is the way to go and the easier path of training, with less frustration and with more power.

Start your training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power!

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