An Act of Will

Interesting question from a Sexual Magnetism student:

“Something interesting happened when approaching a woman I wanted to meet after after your sexual magnetism course. I moved myself to near her in the bar, and stopped a bit away from her, looked at her, and said hi to her.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that almost-dying nervousness and anxiety I always felt before. I had expected it and was about to tackle it, but in the process of my going to her and saying hi, I didn’t meet that pressure. It felt like that the pressure had evaporated somehow.

Why did this happen?”

Interesting thing about fear and nervousness is:

When you have REALLY decided in your mind, with all your Will, that you’re going to do something, no matter what, nervousness suddenly disappears.

Even if you’re walking to face certain death.

This is easily seen on the Japanese Samurai ritual of Seppuku, which is a suicide ritual used by Samurais to die with honor.

In the moment they decide they were going to do this, we wouldn’t see any nervousness or anxiety in them.

We would only see an act of pure Will.

Yet, I’m sure we can all agree that this will be one hell of a good reason to be anxious about!

Much worse than public speaking or approaching a woman.

This act of pure Will only happens when there’s a complete alignment of your whole mind, Will and energy in what you’re about to do.

You simply know in the depth of your being that you’re going to do this; there’s no turning back, so everything becomes aligned.

Your mind knows this and knows that all resistance it’s futile, so it just gives up in trying to come up with “excuses”, anxiety or fear.

Your mind surrenders to your Will.

This is not a “logical” or “rational” conclusion of your mind. On many situations, we know that we’re going to do something, yet we are still nervous or anxious.

We know we have to give that speech or presentation. After all, our job depends on it. Yet, we’re still nervous.


This happens because there isn’t an alignment of our whole mind, energy, intention with the Will. Our rational mind knows it’s going to do something, but our subconscious is still trying to avoid it or control it somehow.

This means, our mind is still trying to control the outcome of what it wants to happen instead of surrendering to the true power of the Will.

Hence, it generates this anxiety, nervousness or fear.

The feeling this student felt when doing this approach, it’s pretty much the INTENTION and WILL in practice. It’s a REAL connection to your true Inner Power.

You know you’re using the full power of your Will when this kind of feeling happens.

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