Ancient Magnetic Gaze Techniques

The Magnetic Gaze is not something invented just a few years ago because it’s fashionable. It’s from way back in the beginning of the human History.The methods of training may have changed until now, since you aren’t exactly doing a ritual sacrifice of a newborn chicken to have more power to your eyes, but the effects remain the same.

Just look at what Plutarch, the Greek historian who lived from 46 AD to 120 AD, said in one of his books:

“The voice, the odour, the breath, are emanations thrown off from our bodies, which may easily affect those who are susceptible to them, and this is particularly seen in the effects produced by the eyes, which throw out as it were fiery rays, and disseminate a wonderful influence, as may well be seen in the affection of love.”

The power of the gaze is one of the most ancient and most universal powers that have come to us from the past.

Isogonus of Nicaea, the roman, relates among ancient tribes there were men who by a glance from their angry eyes could kill upon those whom they looked.

With all these historians talking about the gaze, you may think this is some sort satanic cult or devil worship!

Far from it. It all depends on the soul and morals of those who learn it. The Magnetic Gaze amplifies your own energy and power.

So, if you’re already a big bad SOB, then the gaze will amplify that. If you have a genuine heart and truly want to help people, the gaze will amplify that.

It’s not inherently bad or good. It’s a technique and a class of teachings.

Ancient historians related that in Africa, certain families of men who possessed the magnetic gaze and who had the power, could affect the growing of crops, beautiful children, excellent horses and strong well fed cattle.

By reading the ancient information from old historians, it may seem like this is too far out there.

Yet, this is only until you started working with the gaze and realize its power. Then you may understand things in a different light.

So hold your skepticism and try it!

Start your Magnetic Gaze path with the Foundations training:

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